Baby Rompers Bodysuits

Bodys and rompers for newborn babies and coverlet – infant

Join children mostly from the first hours of her life up to the first years of age – the sleepers, today mostly called the rompers. The one-piece baby suits came in the 1950s to Europe and belong today to each baby basic equipment.

The romper – a real all-rounder for the first months of life

Speaks for the rompers as baby clothes especially his comfort. While at two-piece baby mode constantly something upwards or downwards slips, rompers sit perfectly. With a onesie you can be sure as parents that your child is dressed warm and comfortable.

Cut and material

Romper there with short and long sleeves, as well as in the sleeveless version. If you decide for a sleeveless baby suit, you can combine it with a light shirt or a body. Warmer weather for romper with short legs at bridgat. You are beautiful airy on hot days and offer freedom of movement.

To facilitate the often tedious arrival and undressing your child the most baby overalls with small button bar on the shoulders are equipped. More button plackets in the step ensures a quick and easy diaper change. Usually these consist of practical push buttons, which open up the legs of the Strampelanzugs and suggest.

The most rompers are made of skin-friendly and soft materials such as cotton, soft toys or Nicki fabric. Many baby suits from bridgat have nice organic cotton that gently envelops the sensitive skin of babies and young children.

Bodysuits – underwear for babies

The equivalent of the romper suit for this is the body. Bodys are one-piece suits without legs. These are babies as panties and vest and pack the diaper good. The most body can be opened in the step two or three snaps. Also on the shoulders, many bodysuits have small button bars, which can increase the head opening. The so-called wrap bodysuits, which do not have the sensitive head flock, but completely open on the front are recommended for the first months of life your child.

Cute baby clothing: rompers and bodysuits from bridgat

Simply, ravishingly sweet or funny – discover all in the online shop of bridgat the variety of designs in the rompers and bodysuits for newborn, crawling – and young children are present. Whether in pink or blue with cute allover patterns or large prints on the front – with this baby fashion small world explorers come out quite large.