Adidas Backpack Reviews

For sport, leisure, school or even “just” every day, the Adidas backpacks, almost always accompany generations of young and old alike, ensuring maximum comfort and top performance!

But which models of Adidas backpacks available and how to choose the right one? Let’s go find out.

Adidas is one of the best known and appreciated brands, sports and amateur level, with a story that began in 1924, in a small town in Bavaria, where Adolf, known as “Adi”, the young son of the Shoemaker Asler, began by sheer passion to create craft level in the laundry room of mother Pauline, of the sports shoes.

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Adidas backpacks: models and features

Ideal for sports and leisure in general, for men, women, boy/girl and child, Adidas offers different retro messenger bags school, able to satisfy the needs and demands of the entire family, such as:

  • Performance: ensures maximum performance with pockets, pockets, compartments, dividers and what not;
  • Originals: offers classic and original brand backpacks;
  • Porsche Design Sport by Adidas featuring trendy backpacks, with a line and an exclusive design by Porche;
  • Training: a series of backpacks absolutely versatile, suitable for the practice of any sport;
  • Football: a specific line dedicated to the famous sport more beloved than ever, football.

About Adidas Backpack

The backpacks are backpacks of Adidas regardless of line, high quality, wear-resistant materials and time, able to support any Erasmus, with large front and side pockets, or with zipper and/or a strap, where absolutely secure but convenient storage for use, objects of personal use.

The inside then offers spacious areas to fill depending on the model and also padded compartments, where store safely your pc, other device or object.

The backpacks are available in addition to the traditional black with the logo of the brand Adidas in sight in many other different colors and patterns, to choose your preferred option.

Wearable thanks to comfortable shoulder straps, backpacks have a passer-by resistant for engagement, located at the top.

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Adidas backpacks: prices

A wide range of Adidas backpacks available online at competitive prices, which make the flight, ranging from only 25.00 euro up to 250.00 euro.

Online you can find prices of only 25.00 30.00 euro Performance and Training lines – up to 70.00 – 85.00 euros for the line Football and line Originals, and 250.00 euro Adidas Porsche Design Sport by line.

The history of Adidas

A passion for collecting an unexpected success and soon brings Adolf, aided by his brother, to open a real shoe company, which make known on a large scale the new fabulous sports shoes, which were consecrated with the Olympic sports games, in 1936.

But unfortunately as the most beautiful stories, between the two brothers after the war began the first disagreements that led the two to divide and the founding of new companies, each on their own.

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Between the two, Adolf, using the initials of his name and his surname, created an acronym with which gave its name to its new brand: a brand that over time and even today, has won millions and millions of people.

Adidas has always in fact, with an eye to the latest news, boldly aims to offer its loyal customers with products that are always new and improved in order to ensure maximum performance, and of course the maximum comfort and complete safety just like Sevenrucksacks and Eastpak.

An ideology along which the brand has come a long way, not only in multiple sports (tennis, golf, running, basketball, rugby, etc) but also in casual clothing and accessories, for everyday comfort for the whole family.
Accessories including the Adidas backpacks!