7 Makeup Tips Need to Keep in the Summer

In warmer weather, keep the makeup can be considered a real challenge. As the summer of our country reach temperatures near the House of 40 degrees, the heat and the sweat can melt beauty products and leave the skin oily-looking all day.

To avoid this annoying situation, there are some techniques that can help make for longer, even in the heat that is doing these days. To help our readers, we have selected some special tips:

1. Keep your skin clean

The first step to a good makeup is to start with clean skin. But beware, this does not mean wash my face several times a day (which can further increase the oil). Wash your face with a facial Soap before you leave home will help a lot. Give preference for textured liquid products, because the bar soaps can accumulate bacteria with use. It is also important to purchase products suitable for your skin type (oily, dry or mixed). Women who spend all day away from home and need to touch up the makeup, can use makeup wipes to clean the skin before reapplying the products.

2. Moisturize the skin

Keep your skin moisturized is the second step to insure makeup all day. Remembering that hydration has nothing to do with oil. Even the oily skins need hydration. In the summer it is worth investing in an oil free moisturizer, they have several advantages: rapid absorption, light texture, oiliness control during the day, among others. There are even specialized products that help reduce acne marks for example.

3. Use sunscreen

Regardless of skin tone, use sunscreen daily facial is essential for those who want to have a beautiful and healthy skin. The first step to guide his choice is to identify your skin type (dry, normal, oily or mixed). For women with oily or mixed, the ideal is to always look for oil free products, i.e. without oil in the formulation. G anti-grease protectors exist on the market, which, as the name implies, have the objective to control the oiliness of the skin throughout the day. Women from dry skin can invest in protectors that have moisturizing function.

4. Prepare the skin

The primer has important role in the maintenance of makeup because it prepares the skin to receive the other products. In addition to minimize the appearance of pores, it helps hold the make for longer. In the summer, prefer the primers with mattifying effect, which disguise the shine on the skin.

5. Bet on products with light texture

Summer doesn’t go with heavy makeup. If you are of those who do not give up a good cover, can opt for a BB cream for day to day, which features lighter texture, instead of the base. In case of stains or flaws you want to hide, Valley use some concealer only in those areas. The BB cream can also replace the step of hydration and the primer because there are multifunction products and/or with matte finish. The base may be an option for night makeup — in this case, prefer the lighter textured products that are oil free.

6. Invest in long-term products

The makeup of long duration are an excellent alternative to the warmer weather. They stay intact longer, but still do not exempt the retouching. Among the options are masks of waterproof lashes, foundations, eye pencils, eyeliners, lipsticks and gloss correction, even with long duration.

7. Don’t forget the necessary

Even with all these precautions, the makeup calls for touch-ups during the summer day, as sweat is usually inevitable. The trick is to assemble a toiletry bag with products that will help keep the look between an appointment and another. Among them, take a light face powder, special anti-glare scarves (quick option to remove excess oils from the skin), gloss or lipstick (alternative to give a touch of color and lip gloss) and a blush stick (which lasts longer in the skin and does not require the use of brush in the retouching of the “coradinha”). To help maintain the visual, also worth loading clips, hair elastics and a mini comb or brush.