4 Quartz Watches with Multifunction

The printed magazine watchtime made a selection of four models of quartz that have unimaginable functions, which can meet the demands of various profile: the love the sea to the astronauts. Check it:

A trip into space is something that will be in dreams for many of us. But the dream come true for the German geophysicist Alexander Gerst. This astronaut of the European Space Agency experienced his first tour ne International Space Station in 2014. He conducted experiments for about six months and photographed the Earth in new and surprising ways. Some Gerst pictures floating inside the space station wearing an Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33.

This piece was specially developed for astronauts. In addition the presentation of hours per pointers, the display shows three different time zones and has three distinct alarms, and chronograph, countdown, date, elapsed time function task (MET) and elapsed time phase (PET) . The 45 mm diameter casing is made of grade 2 titanium.

The European Space Agency has tested and certified the clock to be used by astronauts. The back of the box has the words “tested and qualified by ESA.” Although the inhabitants of the earth have to deal with gravity every day, you can dress the model, which also includes sapphire crystal and unidirectional rotating bezel. It costs US $ 18,500.

The Breitling is quite famous for its watches geared to riders and this range includes even multifunctional quartz parts. The best known is the Bretling Emergency, which includes an emergency transmitter that has saved many people in air and maritime accidents.

Last year, the company presented Breitling Cockpit B50, which has a new movement termocompensado quartz, with chronometric certification. The piece has luminous hands for presenting hours and LCD dials that display the data countdown and chronograph counting. The piece also includes second time zone function. A box button lets you switch the time between the digital display and the analog. Those who work in aviation will find especially useful flight time calculation function, since it is possible to perform the calculation and then save them in the flight data. A button on the crown moves the pointers so that allow digital displays display while lights for easy reading are lit automatically when the user moves the wrist to check the time and data.

The new model allows it to be recharged and yet against with a bevel bidirectional rotation marking the cardinal points in increments of 10 degrees for easy navigation. The piece is not yet available in Brazil, but its price for the American market, without adding taxes and fees, is $ 7,200 in the version with 46 mm titanium case and bracelet of the same material.

Sporty people who enjoy extreme escalating need a lot of physical preparation and also the right equipment to carry out their activities. A watch and altimeter are essential in many times. These two functions are delivered by the model Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar.

The watchmaking made history with the introduction of a touch screen model in 1999. Since then the play has expanded to a large collection with various functions. Last year, with the presentation of the Solar Expert line, Tissot launched in the world of solar energy. Your battery will never end, since the model needs only 16 minutes of sun to make its operations for an entire day. Fully charged, the model will run for a whole year, even in the dark.

The piece has a 45 mm box designed in titanium and offers world time, chronograph function with “logbook” and a countdown timer that automatically starts the stopwatch. It also features altitude, gain altitude and barometric pressure. An electronic compass also helps to know which direction is following: the minute hand goes on to point north. You can also count on an azimuth function: to enter a three-digit course (in degrees), the clock will show you when you travel in the right direction. All this is possible by simply touching the sapphire crystal. The piece offers 100 meters of resistance under water and costs US $ 5,180.

The TAG Heuer developed the Aquaracer 72 model in collaboration with Oracle Team USA yachting, vecedor the latest edition of the America’s Cup. The piece can pick up information from sensors placed around the yacht and deliver functions such as wind speed, direction of wind , boat speed, wind angle and more. The play was developed especially for the team’s crew: each member can select to obtain the required function for their job function. The box of 51 mm diameter delivery through an LCD display high definition, data necessary for easy reading.

Are just 108 grams and impact resistance of 5,000 G. Only 50 pieces were produced and will be marketed to the general public. The TAG intends to equip other watches with similar purposes for professional teams of various sports soon.

The prices quoted above are suggested and may change without notice. The dollar amounts do not include taxes and fees.