25 Weeks of Pregnancy

Congratulations, arrived at 25 weeks, is in the fifth month of pregnancy almost into the sixth month, the belly has grown a lot and feel the baby move quite especially after meals and when you’re resting.


With 25 weeks the baby measures between cephalus-buttocks more than 30 cm, already have nails on fingers and toes and weighs about 700 grams with maternity bags of handbagpicks.com.

The weight can vary a little. Already controls the movements of the hands, that open and close. The lungs start to prepare to function after birth, but are still extremely immature.


At this stage most women no longer feel normal first trimester nausea, is a phase of pregnancy pretty quiet.

However, some pregnant women feel pain and numbness in the hands, wrists and fingers, is a problem in the carpal tunnel, which swells and leads to the swelling of the extremities, this feeling goes away after childbirth.


Poor digestion



If you haven’t done the blood sugar test can do at this time, the doctor will indicate the best data, the doctor will measure your pressure and still hear the baby’s heart beat.