Contryside, Smart and Boho. Three Trends for The 2011 Spring Topman

Topman is one of the biggest most influential retailers above all among the young british. Collections that you know perfectly capture what’s happening on the runways, it’s going so to adapt it to the general public. Being a good reflection of the trends more trendy, also the most functional, that people on the street feel very identified.

For this Pirmavera-summer 2011 proposed basic of wallpaper, wardrobe and marking clothing retro cut in three trends totally different: the first two Countryside y Smart they are featuring the models Dan Felton y Milo Spijkers, and the Boho the top features Jaco van den Hoven.

Topman Countryside

The trend countryside is inspired by basic utility of style worker. Items such as American three-button, the cardigans of point trenzador, pants Chinese, that for this year are shooting wide and low and narrow leg, or the shirts well micro-Cuadros or on the contrary smooth and with multi-Pocket. As for the accessories include the shoulder straps to carry fallen, the hats fine point and scarf cotton printed in Paisley. And to always fit military boots.

A style that is colored with a palette of Tones It might well be autumn, different types of Greens, descantando fighter, or colors, Earth and Brown and various types of blue, combined with any accent color at a deep Bordeaux.
The propues key is in mix fabrics looking more rough as the point and denim, with others more comfortable as cotton or the cuddly toys, resulting in outifts of rustic-looking as well as extremely comfortable and casual, ideal for this time of year, Demi-season.

Smart by Topman

The followers of the brand you know that the tailoring of Topman is very young in spirit, with cuts, fabrics and colours designed to dress up elegant without seeming a bored office worker. As well for more of the same this year and that as well works, i.e. costumes cutting slim fit with one and two buttons, narrow neck shirts American also adjusted.

Is committed by the three piece sets in cool wool charcoal grey, composed of clips, americana and vest pants all play in the same tissue. The righteous accessories, also narrow, plain or striped ties and the finish square point of silk, also plain of pocket or thin belts dress scarves.
For those who do not dare with the total look always can be combined with jeans, for the best tailoring without washing, and to fit the Chelsea boots to the MOD, or a shoe lace-up ankle-boot and punched type Hudson, both almost as popular and recurring in the english style as the fish & chips.

Boho in Topman

Whenever temperatures permit the Topman boy is desperende of ornaments and overlays and becomes easier that as well boho. Simple sets and very casual garments of relaxed cut and simple patterns, some flowers or stripes. Colors very natural that it will the creams range lands and Browns, passing through blue liegros and of course with touches blank.
Thus for example trousers wide jeans higher than normal waist and tighter bass, with a cotton t-shirt and a fine knit sweater and of graphic pattern, with a few moccasins that you dispense with the sock. To complement any braided belt or a thin silver chain, and how could it be otherwise in blue like this canvas backpack.

I do not know you that you will think, to my proposal seems so inspiring that I can’t choose my favorite trend, and you which of the three stay?

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