Zara and Her Collection ZXM for Athletes

Surprised I was when a few days investigating the latest received garments in my Zara usual and found myself with a new section in which everything was black and yellow squeaky. It was the new ZXM collection for men, in which the signing of Inditex incorporates a number of special items to make sport, made mostly in polyester.

As you can see, the collection It resembles quite technical sportswear that other brands, such as Nike, Adidas or Decahtlon, take years developing. It has few enough items, by which everything points it is a trial to see the success they have among the public. What do you you think?

While the yellow Jersey seems too striking, even to run outdoors and that your goal is that drivers seen from several kilometers away, I like more the black. We can find both in long sleeve and short sleeve.

That Yes, nor with this type of clothing, Zara wants to lose his composure. What happened to that use old t-shirts to make sport? That already went down in history makes a lot. In this line, Zara includes Polo shirts and caps that, in addition to be suitable for sports, not leave aside style.

What I say of the? sunglasses? Add-ins are also present in this collection. I would have to see how they are implemented, because there is a risk to make one appear the bee Maya (black and yellow, I mean). But input, like me, Yes.

And of course who could not miss the sneakers. These, with a very careful design, are special to go running. Below you can see the images with the full campaign.

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