Massimo Dutti, The Long-Awaited Collection Spring-Summer 2011 Full

After Massimo Dutti It has open mouth with an advance of its Spring/summer 2011 collection Thanks to the collection cruise that was marked as well by the face, now comes the collection complete, how could it be otherwise, David Gandy It puts face to the campaign once more. Seems that the firm has found in him the spirit of his creative line and combines what Inditex wants to make us feel in their collections: elegance, freshness and youth all in one. And I don’t think that you have wrong with your choice.

Actually as I have already said, we learned to interpret the cruise a perfect collection for notes and patterns for which we are committed in their entire collection have not gone astray. We found two very different styles such as the Safari adventure, more elegant that it may not quite fit within the party style but that it still does not fit in the informal and one more summer and little inspired by the so resorted navy style that we are seeing this season.

We must not forget that you together with Uterqüe, Massimo Dutti It is the most classical line of Inditex and it is noted in many of his designs. For the stylish collection safari-adventure, the chosen tonalities have been the earthy colors that you stand out on funds the white backgrounds of the creams of pants and shirts.

Garments star of this creative line are without a doubt their blazers and blasiers, fitted with symmetrical cuts, made in linen and point with colors ranging from the beige to the Brown. They are designed to be either open and get a more informal look & #8230;

… or closed and along with a tie or a bow tie, achieve a more elegant and decent outfit.

The fur jackets and the Aviator jackets they are another interesting proposal of the firm for this so summery look. As we can see, the shirts are all white and the only discordant and darker notes fall in the outerwear more accessories such as belts or shoes.

If we want shirts of different colors, can be found in dark tones or pastel colours and in two different formats: the italian fit sizing, with more classic cuts, Italian neck and breasted in the same, or more casual shirts with double scoop neck ideal for open and without buckling superiorly.

If we go to your line more navy, We see how we leave the plain styles and we go in streaks, one of the essentials in a navy style self-respecting.

The only downside I can find to the collection and one of the aspects that we have erred in view of the cruise collection, is the lack of more notes of color, aspect missing and seeing the collection cruise had thought that we would see enhanced in their collection of season.

The dark blue blazers are not anywhere, the scarves and handkerchiefs follow the same safari as the rest of the collection (remember that the Cruiser had red, Bordeaux and even lilac). Add-ins such as sunglasses or shoes, they are quite sober, dark-toned and stressing over the rest of the parts.

Finally, a male handbag collection very spoiled, which is committed by the size when designing, leaving the monochromatic the beiges and Browns. Honestly, I expected more than spring/summer 2011 collection because it is not that we offer nothing new compared to other years.

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