H & M, Spring/Summer 2011 Collection: Spring Awakening

Without a doubt, the of H & M the batteries have been in regards to the menswear spring/summer 2011 collection. After the harsh criticism he received when he decided to collaborate with Lanvin, not only because of the exorbitant prices of but also because for a change, was rather neglected the menswear collection (though not I think that blame the creative directors had H & m but rather those of Lanvin) wanted to give a twist to all its machinery and has launched a collection for man in which we can finally say that they have covered the most of the fronts and without losing (all) originality and freshness.

That is why in its season, We find up to four different collections While two of them can be considered capsules of the past. Thematic collections in which each garment has reason to highlight if same but which is supported by the rest of the collection. We will start to take a look at which is perhaps the most complete and biased of all four: Spring Awakening

In this collection in particular featured no doubt colors are the Blue and beige, We can find them jointly or separately but they are present in all the garments in the collection.

Thanks to this, the general spirit of the season follows one line enough safari with notes Denim and hence garments comfortable, urban, specially designed for the battle of every day but without losing the elegance and composure.

As such, we find trench coats and trench coats especially in khaki tones and beige, with materials breathable, light-weight, simple buttons and fleeing to the extent of the possible of belts, buckles, and other accessories that embellish but do miss utility.

The shirts and the they follow the same lines. Earthy tones, without hardly geometric patterns or prints & #8230;

… with the exception of some other Quadi shirt style lumberjack in which whites, blacks and yellows are used to enhance the color of the bichromatic palette chosen for the occasion.

Ditto with sweatshirts (very present in four collections) with hoods without linings, in which it is almost routine to find the blue and white as the only decorative elements. Cotton, with certain percentage of wool, are garments that do not Harbor especially and are designed to shelter more than to protect temporary weather.

Both by the presence of the Denim as for the abundance of clothes in colors Blue and earthy, arguably with his pants (ranging from jeans to long pants) is the most succulent part of the collection.

The straight legs they are the most common option (and nearly the only) for those looking for something away from the Cowboys to get a more formal look. Colors white, ideal to Jell with sweatshirts in the collection or some jerseys point V or boat neck.

Finally, a footwear collection very in keeping with the spirit safari of the season, formed mainly by sneakers of more classic designs and dessert boots with interior pictures and abroad in marine blue and beige. Shoes comfortable, lightweight, but not designed to protect us from the rain or long walks.

Add-ins are limited to belts (braided or smooth) of synthetic materials in imitation of animal skins, briefcases, foulards and scarves in shades of gray and black to contrast with the rest of the clothes and total absence of neckties, bow ties, or any other party complement as it is obvious if we followed the rest of the collection.

These add-ins, as well as holiday clothing, shelters and gabardines or touches of color more spring, we will find in the rest of the collections that discuss later and which involve a turning point with respect to this.

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