Wardrobe Fund Investments to Buy These Sales 2011 (I)

The first official day of the Sales 2011 for many shops (many others began the first of January) after the endearing but because they say it also exhausting Christmas. This year as other past Kings have come loaded with gifts, we assume that the camels will be exhausted despite the crisis the average gift per person has been € 60, something which is not bad considering the damn crisis.

A few days ago we finished a guide of tips and style to buy on sale, items that I recommend you to take a look before you jump to buy. If you already have this part exceeded in this series of posts are committed by the ‘ wardrobe investment‘, these items which will never be fashionable and now more that should never buy taking advantage of the discounts.

Many houses are committed to by the 70% of discount on some items, usually the less commercial or demanded to a lesser extent and have them of great stockaje. Here are the first five betting of mensencia.

American grey

A garment that must not miss in your closet never never is a good American, If you want a wild pitch that combined almost with everything, your bet is by the grey, the new black, is essential, timeless, versatile tone and one hundred percent adaptable to an infinite number of looks. If also accompanied it by the pants and vest game, not only will have a costume that will save you ma´s in a hurry, but separately these three items will be your three great allies, playing style with the mix and match.

House ASOs and in the purest style londoner I present two options in cOrte slim fit snug, but nothing exaggerated, gone are times where Slimane It imposed the silhouette ultra xs, now takes moderation, and also feel better. The first of a only button and the second cross and with four buttons, both with brilliant tone Bordeaux backing, you can make them by 25 y €30 When his season was double.

Padded bag

Other brand iconic made in england is without a doubt the crossed Laurel House, Fred Perry It is all an emblem in the anglo country. This shoulder bag rectangular mimics padding achanelado so appreciated by the more fashionable. Black synthetic leather with logo in white and Interior in blue light, a must have of the more palatable now for €39, after an initial price of €66.

Black cloth wrap

A wildcard of wardrobe, an excellent investment, and that the pea coat Black of cloth sticks to almost everything. Adaptable to the jeans and t-shirts in cotton and secure wearable with smart and dress shirts and dress pants that you can not resist to it.

Topman It is one of the experts in this kind of garment firms, since each season repeating patterns or reinvents models of success such as this. Made in with 57% of Virgin wool take advantage of its incredible discount, before €83 now €53.

Brown leather belt

Without abandoning Topman We are committed to this double belt the square, double Strip and double buckle with belt loops. Made of 100% leather beef will be your perfect companion for your next casual looks. Before €20 now €8.

Basic point

You already have that point is always a good gift, sure that you you touched more than one sweaters This Christmas. If you want to spend your money on a good point Lyle & Scott It should be your choice. The House expert in the preparation of this type of tissue always bet on the best materials, not to mention a perfect finish.

Made in 100% by 100 Virgin wool and v-neck, commitment by the Rosa intense it is also one of the key colors of next Spring-summer 2011, and that you can take without anything under or with a simple white t-shirt, sporting cleavage the first days which restricts the Sun. Also consider a classic tone Black, more impossible wardrobe Fund. Get them by €60 when their normal price season round the €100.

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