Google Play Store Is Upgraded to Version 5.2

A new version of the application Play Store It has begun already staggered to the users to get. It is of the version 5.2 that for now it seems that failure to add any important novelty.

The only change that we found in Google Play 5.2 Store It is the small design on the tabs of the activity of the people that we follow, in which they added the user name in the action bar and adds the option to “view profile” next to the name of the circle to which it belongs.

Google Play 5.2 Store If that brings hidden in your source code the next news that Google tracks it could trigger in weeks or in future updates. It seems that Google wants to renew the design to see the details of an application, support for Android Work to download applications authorized by the company, surveys and Rewards.

About the rewards, it seems to be to get discounts or to purchase exclusive content after buying Google Play in any content, as that when you buy a movie we can download this soundtrack or your video game. The images of the rewards are as follows:

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