Google Play It Gives Color to Your Holiday Giving Away Several Christmas Albums

Christmas is around the corner, and perfectly know that this holiday season your uncle or brother-in-law will return to Christmas carols at full blast. Google also knows that, so it has decided to provide life offering five-disc compilation of free Christmas music and various discounts in other many discs of different artists.

The five disks that gives Google are: Play: Pop Christmas, Play: Christmas Crooners, Play Classical: Christmas Favorites, Play Classical: Christmas and Play Classical: New Year completo Concert. In them we can find different classic songs of these dates iinterpreted with different musical styles.

On the other hand, between the lowered disks we are with albums by such well-known artists such as Christina Aguilera, Il Divo and the footballer Elvis Presley, all of them are discs of Christmas songs and its price is around 4 or 5 euros.

With this promotion Google declares inaugurated this year Christmas, Although as we know it would be not unreasonable to think that during the next dates there might be other promotions in the different sections of Google Play.

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