Google Play Begins to Show More Clearly The Classification by Age of Applications

For a few years now Google Play Store classify applications and games according to the criteria of maturity, showing such content classification in the section additional information and without leave nothing clear age, just simply say “for all”, “maturity level low”, “Medium maturity level” and “High level of maturity”.

As well, this is changing, as the application of Google Play This showing one new classification by age Since it says expressly from that age is recommended an application or game showing in addition a small description of the subject. I.e., that will tell whether an application is for everyone or for over 10 years, 14 years or 18 years, or as you mark the classification of ages in each country.

The new classification by age will be shown in small in the application title, right next to its developer, and appear much larger in the description, just prior to the additional information section, with what Google Play will leave much clearer so that ages the application is recommended.

This classification will be coming form staggered to users around the world, since Google is it activated from its own servers.

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