Google Play Is Giving Away Ten Songs and a Mini-Album with Five Big Rock Successes

Since a long time ago Google Play Spain It offers every week a song free, and very occasionally a full album, but it is not very common is offering a selection of free songs as you are doing these days.

Google Play is giving away 10 songs in a selection of music for all tastes, with songs of Marc Anthony, Passenger, Franco de Vita, Joaquín Sabina, Estopa, Daft Punk, Michael Jackson, Aerosmith and Maldita Nerea, Malu. To download the free songs you have to have added our Google Play account a payment method, but then not they charged us nothing.

In addition to the ten songs Google Play also is giving away currently Play mini-album: Classic Rock that includes five classic rock. Topics included are Any Way You Want It’s Journey, ‘Any Way You Want It’ Meat Loaf, ‘ Hold the Line’ Toto, Alice Cooper ‘ Poison’ and ‘The Final Countdown’ of Europe.

I remember Google Play each week to cut an album to 1.99 euros. This week is the Foo Fighters Greatest Hits album. Also in each month offers a selection of albums reduced to 3.99 and 4.99 euros.

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