In-App Purchase and Payment Applications Will Have to Show a Physical Address in Google Play

Google Play you have made changes to their conditions to publish apps in its store that is not liking to many developers, and is 30 September 2014 should add a physical address.

Developers with payment applications or integrated purchases are required to add your physical address, which will be posted on the tab of the application so that users know where to get in touch when they have a problem and see that the developer does not respond to emails.

Last September 30 Google Play will make cleaning and It will remove all applications of payment and integrated purchases that do not have associated the physical address of the developer or company.

This change is to protect consumers, to make more confident feel to know the address of the developer of the application, since esto will also prevent potential scams to be located the developers.

For the big developers, it will be only a simple procedure but will be a problem for many small developers, many will already have to give your address from your home or hire section post.

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