With the path of your table, the composition becomes even more charming and ready to receive guests.

Super high on decorations for posts, the way of the table, also known as trail, is a very charming and practical option to perfect in your combination and let your guests delighted! In addition to very delicate, this item may be used in any format, whether in the round, rectangular or square anymore. With that in mind, we have selected some unique tips for you innovate in your reception! Check below:

To start planning your combination, you must prioritize the harmony between colors of all the elements that will compose your table set, like the way napkins, napkin rings, crockery and cutlery.

In the case of Rails, you can choose for stamped parts, smooth, colorful or neutral tones. In this case, the table would fit nicely on a towel or even directly on the table. The details also make all the difference in composition and you can opt for more refined items, such as the Boho Rail, which brings a charming guipir finish.

Table set for 6 or more places

Very versatile, can be used both in smaller spaces, as well as a broader composition, such as the tables of wedding parties, for example. For a table with 6 seats or more, you can choose various types of disposal. The first of these, is the vertical, in the way the table is centered in the Middle, and the crockery and cutlery are placed in a parallel mode, and can add the American Games.

For tables with 8 seats or more, you can use the path of table positioned side by side. Thus, all the guests will have their places marked and your composition will be very gracious.

Another option is to use two Rails parelelos and, in each of the ends of the table, put an American game, resulting in a composition for 6 places. Thus, your composition will be very delicate and relaxed!

If the your table is round or square, you can bet on centralized mode or cross, using more than one path. Here, the trick is to have the dishes and cutlery at the ends of his plays, delimiting the place of each of the guests.

Table set for 4 places

For a table of 4 seats, the tip is to use the path of cross or parallel mode. In the latter case, use the plays in the opposite direction to the length of the table, placing each item in parallel to each other. Already the crockery and cutlery, are placed on each end. Here at IAMACCEPTED you can get more information of the home decor.

Table set for 2 places

Even for a smaller space, such as a table set for two places, you can use the path of graceful way. Here, you can use two tracks side by side, or a rail Center, and get a place on each end of the table. Also, using different colors and prints is always ideal, as Mykonos Rail, which brings a lot of color and fun to your composition.

Finally, if the your outdoor reception, the tip is to let the ends of the rail your dragging on the floor and offering an idea of more lightness to your decor.

Use a table in your composition is ideal to show all your love and attention to guests. Very practical, they are also perfect for any style, just balance and attention in time to combine all the elements. So, how about a little in your reception and create a table set charming? See the special products Lolahome and get inspired!

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