This Fall’s 10 Best Looking Caps, Hats and Headwear

Several readers have asked for advice in the weeks before the winter cold headwear. To find something that suits you and your dress is not always the easiest so we have selected 10 options for different occasions, styles and budgets.

Headgear is difficult in the current situation. Until the 1970 ‘s it was the hat as obvious on the man’s head as Smart Phone today seems to be in hand. As the wearing of a hat has fallen it becomes obviously more and more severe the cage. The associations go easy for a “gubbigt mode” or with risk to feel rather dressed up than dressed. At the same time, we see a growing interest in the hat even among younger wearers. If there was something which dominated the Pitti Uomo trade show last summer, it was Panama Hat and we track that even winter’s fair get marked by Feodora’s or Trilby’s in the blanket. With that said, it is of course a difference at the Pitti Uomo fair sometimes well creative fashion choices, and what they are comfortable with living in Sweden. We recommend that you start from yourself but if you are comfortable in it shall be according to us not to let someone else dictate what you should wear.

If the hat is an option that fits the best into a tailored attire such as rock and costume, there is of course even more options to a more casual style.

The rib-or cable-hat is one of our favorites and, in our view, work perfectly, even to the Blazer but is getting the very best that warm alternative to jeans and knitwear. Depending on your budget and preferences, there are lots of options such as Merino Wool or 100% cashmere. The advantage of kashmir is that just like with scarves as worn the hat directly against skin and cashmere fiber soft feel and really terrific breathability.

We have selected a few favorites from some different categories all of which can help to keep your head warm during the winter.



Borsalino is a classic when it comes to hats and this in the dark green blanket is perfect for blue, Brown and gray.


A classic Feodora in Beaver from Shibumi-Berlin’s title “late”. Dark Brown is according to us a very versatile and sober colour then the Hat itself can be eye-catching.


Another very interesting manufacturers when it comes to hats are Stoffa which has models of rabbit or Beaver. The advantage of these is that they are very malleable and can be customized to a large extent by the wearer’s own preferences. They can also be easily rolled up and packed down in the bag.

Flat Caps


A so-called Flat Cap or “skull Jeff Cap” can be an interesting alternative to the classic hat. This from us Stetson in a wool/cashmere/silk blend. Here at Listofusnewspapers you can get more different models of the head wears.

Lock & Co. Hatters

A coarser tweedkeps from Lock & Co in large herringbone pattern.

City Sports

A little more colorful options in Donegal tweed from City Sports for over a thousand patches.



A Donegal-patterned rib knit Beanie from Drake’s in 100% wool. Somewhat less expensive than cashmere and perfect, for example, a pea coat, boots and jeans.

Berg & Berg

A cable-knit cashmere hat from Berg & Berg in dark green. Ultimate everyday luxury that is both warm and comfortable.

Piacenza 1733

Ribbed cashmere Beanie from Italian specialist Piacenza 1733.

Loro Piana

Here we have a real top model from Loro Piana in Storm System-coated Baby Cashmere and feed of Fox. Equally convenient for head and ears as it is uncomfortable for the wallet.


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