Children of Arras

A Key Role For The Kids In The House.

Although today there are many types of ceremonies for marriage, the classical wedding is still booming. And whatever it is religious or not, as well as the bride and groom, they are the second protagonists: children.

They form the courtship, and are known as children of arras or pages. First van in front of the bride opening road and then once married behind the bride and groom, on occasions, by lifting the tail of the wedding dress.

Why do children wear the arras?

This custom comes from the East, where the pages were those who delivered the arras to the bride and groom. Thirteen coins exchanged the bride and groom as a symbol and real commitment that will share. They are 13 because 12 representing each month of the year and 1 more as an act of generosity to share with the poor.

Generally, and recommended, the age of the children of arras is usually between 5 and 6 years old, and as they are the focus of all eyes and photographers is paramount to choose with special attention, both her wardrobe as your shoes.

If the wedding is in autumn and winter, shoes for the children of arras preferably will be closed and the chosen material type can be from the velvet, suede, leather or patent leather, depending on the clothing.

A classic that never fails as a shoe for children of arras is the English backin dark blue tones, camel, Taupe or Bordeaux that tend to be those who are in such acts. For girls, the Mary Janes are a safe, for example success Mary Janes girl in velvet with velcro button or the leather Mary Janes.

If the wedding is in spring and summer, shoes for boys and girls of arras, can be opened but not become sandals, and accompany with some crocheted socks Condor’s summer shoe.

And if the wedding is not the classic, but it is Ibiza, picnic type or the espadrilles and Valencian sea or Menorcan avarcas are the perfect shoe! Both for children and for girls.

When buying shoes, don’t do it much earlier, you can take the surprise that not worth it the day of the wedding!

If you boy or girl will take the arras in a wedding soon, in our infant footwear, we have models available for each season always with new models that you will love them!

Ah! And do not forget that they are children! You choose a shoe more casual or formal depending on the type of wedding that you asistáis, especially who are comfortable so kids can play and have fun.

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