This time of year is the supply of wool, cashmere and crocheted ties. These little more informal ties makes itself very well with the slightly coarser wool fabrics used in suits and jackets during the autumn and winter months. However, a tie that has been a bit overlooked is grenadineslipsen.

In Sweden, we see it often, but both in the United States, England and Italy are operating with in the range of the largest slipstillverkarna. Slightly simplified, one can say that it is a cross between a crocheted tie and a classic silk tie. In appearance it reminds more of a the usual sidenslipsen when grenadineslipsen is usually required and have a common trekantsavslut at the bottom. It is also made of silk and woven and not crocheted. Ties however is a little coarser than regular silk ties since they are woven with a unique weaving technique in a looser way, creating a sort of three-dimensional structure to tie for a depth and, in the longer term, a dull performance. Here at Allpubliclibraries you can get more different models of the ties.

Ties are manufactured in a range of different brands but it is primarily from two Italian Mills providing this woven silk, Fermo Fossati and Seteria Bianchi. There are two main types of weaving using, Garza Grossa and Garza Fine, of which the first is a little rougher and the last something neater.

This tie was very common in England in the 60 ‘s and the best manufacturer was then Turnbull & Asser on Jermyn Street. You can during this time as a Navy Blue slim grenadineslips on Sean Connery in several early James Bond movies. Turnbull & Asser also has today an grendineslips in its range but in a relatively wide version, approx. 9.5 cm. This makes the relatively rough sidenslipsen get a very tasty knot that requires a high shirt collar to get the right proportions.

Instead, we recommend that the narrower version on 7-8 cm not tied to become too large. A few manufacturers today that stands out and makes really nice grenadineslipsar is Drakes, Sid Mashburn and Kent Wang.

We think that this kind of tie is best in solid neutral base colors like Navy Blue, black, dark brown, Burgundy and buteljgrönt.

A very well known carriers of grenadineslipsen who really manages to use this semiformella tie in an exemplary way, Diego Della Valle, Tods founder and owner.

Drake’s London

Salvatore Piccolo

Kent Wang

Paul Stuart

Sid Mashburn

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