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Don’t know how to set up your first specimen? Read these 12 tips…

Decided! Will hold your dream and become a reseller (a) semi jewels, but you don’t know how to set up your first specimen? After talking with a lot of (the) resellers (the) newbies (as) with the same question, I thought I’d write this article and tell you of time as mount a bombastic showcase!

Don’t get carried away too: Make your first showcase is very exciting and there are so many beautiful jewelry semi … many of them you want in your closet?But let’s take it slow! Now you need to be rational, objective and must analyze each item you put in your cart! Always ask, why should I buy this piece;

Target audience: think about where and to whom it will sell!Age, have kids, what style, purchasing power, etc. These answers will help you to define the products which must compose your showcase. Also be aware of beforehand the rim of your customers;

Budget: analyze your finances and set the value of your initial investment.Remember to be careful, make sure you don’t budget (a) let worried because it would disrupt the start of your business.If you want to make an estimate, you must add the products to your shopping cart, it is very easy to stipulate how much will invest this way;

Basic Parts: There is a range of pieces that are, as my grandmother would say, “hot Bread”.Are those pieces that every woman needs and wants, are some of them: solitary, Pearl Earring (various sizes), play ball (various sizes), polka-dot bracelet, rings (all sizes sell), showers;

Trends of the moment: Always have some models that are out and about in novels, or fell into the graces of some famous blogger, or any brand launched and everyone is copying.These parts require the correct timing, so don’t get carried away and buy a few units.And don’t forget to analyze your target audience, customers simple and fancy pieces do not match;

What sells best: As a rule the earrings are top sales trend, and this category sells more small, after the mids, the great and finally the maxi earrings.However, all categories (necklaces, rings, bracelets, necklaces) are important and you need to have a little of each;

Variety: Be eclectic, look for pieces of different sizes and compositions, so you will have more options;

Combinations: seeks to choose pieces that combine with each other, either in style or in the color of the bathroom, so you will have chance to fulfill sales.For example: choose a bracelet of pearls and pearl earrings, choice a chance of making the sale married greatly increases;

Presentation: This is a very important point and you should always take special care with the presentation of the product and your too.If you have purchase a ring ring showcase and think also in gift packaging, after all, who gives this unpacked?;

Use:in choosing the pieces, pick some models for your own use and buy more than one of these models, because if you are using your client will want to, you can trust that I know what I’m talking about;

Colors: be open to other colors besides gold bathroom, a lot of people like white gold, Rosemary-lime and black. In addition to expanding the taste of the customers you can put together a mix of 3 bracelets for example bathroom colors, and suggest the mix to your customer;

Ask: if you’re still having doubts on closing the application, call one of our team in the Chat or WhatsApp and ask your opinion on what else they sell parts or which are the trend of the moment, after all, that’s what we’re here for, to which its sales are a success!

So you helped? I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that Yes, you wrote this post with great affection, considering you’re starting your walk in the world of resale semi autonomous jewels! Let’s shine together.

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