Beach Decoration

At hot temperatures, the only way to get to the next swimming lake is to relax the day.The outfit is exchanged for airy clothes.The jewelry we wear, however, usually remains the same.We do not waste a thought that our jewelry can suffer in the summer.Not only high temperatures are increasing, but salt water, sand and strong sunshine are also left behind.So today I’ve put together a few tips for you how your jewelery care could look in the summer.

1. What jewelry for the beach?

Basically, you should first ask yourself which jewelery you want to wear on the beach at all.Keep in mind that your jewelry is exposed to some influences.He can suffer from the burning summer heat or disturb the sand that scratches him.And unfortunately, there are still a few nasty fellow men who like to acquire things that do not belong to you, while the owners in the water get a cooling down.

Leave expensive jewelery and good heirlooms better at home.So do not worry about it.If you do not want to do without jewelery on the beach, wear better fashion jewelry.In many cases this is more robust than you think.However, this jewelry should already be made of (rust-free) metal.Glass jewelery is also suitable.However, you should also note that jewelry can also heat up in the heat.Sunbathing with a broad link chain can become very unpleasant on hot days, at worst even burns and redness.Relatively robust are also synthetic beads.Of course not if you get into the water.but drumherum would like to look pretty.To the loose Pareo or beach dress a long bead chain looks noble and at the same time casual.If after the beach visit a cool cocktail to the beach bar, so a long bead chain looks the outfit equally uncommon.Is not that quite your style?Oh, you think only of pearl chains in cream tones.Dch for artificial beads the range is large, you get it in all possible colors.Combines the chains, mixes smaller and larger beads, long and slightly shorter chains.If that’s too much for you, choose Federschmuck.In the summer of 2014, it has a strong color, for example Radiant Orchid, boom.In the water are not allowed, but at the beach walk feathers flutter very tender in the fresh sea breeze at the neck or ears.And since everything revolves around the football, you can also support your favorite team with matching jewelry on the beach.A few bracelets in the colors of Germany or Brazil are always doing well.You can still wear it without problems after the World Cup and combine it with other armchairs.

Caution is required with hollow jewelery.These jewelery should not come in contact with water as this could collect in the interior.Crystals and gemstones glitter in the sun, but they are very difficult.Due to intense sunshine and temperature differences, color changes and stress cracks can develop, which can not be reversed.They spend the hot summer days rather well guarded in the jewelry box.In order not to have to do without this sparkle, choose a chain of statements or a narrow gold necklace with glass stones.

2. Cleaning in summer

Such a beach day leaves traces of jewelery.Even if damage caused by heat and water are left behind.In the fine limbs of a chain or wristwatch, small sand grains can settle.Sun oil or lotion leaves a film on the jewelry.Undesirable abrasion is also a side effect, which can not always be prevented.Salt water leaves crusts and should be removed immediately.This also applies to sand, which can leave small delicate scratches on delicate jewelery in the worst case.So, after bathing in the sea, after the bathing in the pool or on the lake, wash the water thoroughly.Afterwards dry rub and polish something, which also folds with a simple handkerchief.Remains that you can not get away tell her the fight by washing her at home in a mild soapy solution or in an ultrasonic bath.

With a soft toothbrush, it also comes into smaller spaces, for example in chain links or in jewelery frames.Lederschmuck is also beautiful on the beach, but the high humidity makes him.The leather can lose color and fray.On the other hand, only a copious care with refatting care products, for example vaseline, helps.Jewelry made of coral seems to have been made for a bath in the sea.But the chemical substances that we apply to our bodies (for example, sun cream) can make them dull.Also here: Rinse thoroughly under clear water, then the coral jewelry will impress you also next summer.

I hope my tips will bring your jewelry well through the summer.What tips do you still know, which will free your jewelery from sand and sun oil?Write me, I’m looking forward to your comments!

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