Dresscode for the Wedding

Nowadays weddings are much more individualized than before, as the wishes of the couple have changed greatly. Which dress code is appropriate for the particular wedding depends on the style of the wedding event. In some cases, the bride and groom give a special motto or a certain dress code which the wedding guests should adhere to.

Whoever does not stick to it is a negative one and will inevitably become the subject of conversation. The proper dress for the wedding can be chosen by each guest normally in self-government, taking the given criteria or outgoing from the usual etiquette at this kind of event.

Dress the appropriate dress as a wedding guest

In principle, the chosen outfit should be appropriate for the festive occasion, but act more subtly than the bridal gown. Depending on the age and the personal taste, stylish dresses are ideal for the knee. With reserved colors and patterns the wedding guest with his own dress is always on the safe side. Instead of on bright color notes, you should rather put on muted tones. These include gentle pastel tones that flatter the complexion. Perfect are aquamarine, apricot, sky blue, mint green, powder, pink and sun yellow. If the wedding celebration is under a certain motto, then this theme is already clear from the text of the invitation. Only if the bride and groom informed all guests before, a uniform style can be ensured. Some of the most beautiful mottoes are the white party (white color), the twenties wardrobe, or traditional traditional clothes, particularly popular in rural areas. If the topic has turned out to be extreme, such an outfit is usually not available in your wardrobe, for example knight and mistress. In this case it is advisable to get the appropriate look for the wedding party in the costume.

These rules are to consider in the clothes for the wedding

A wedding is a ceremonial occasion that is duly celebrated by the bride and groom. That is why classic cuts and fine materials should be worn at these festivities. High-quality textiles, such as brocade, satin, silk and lace, make even simple outfits look elegant, for example a classic dress-gown or a simple pencil skirt. Through a noble fabric the clothing always looks elegant and according to the occasion. Especially for an ecclesiastical wedding, the clothing should not be too conspicuous , and the ladies should cover the décolleté and the knees. A blazer can cover the shoulders during this phase of the ceremony and be pulled out again for later ceremonies. The men lie with a formal and dark suit just right. If it is a casual garden party, then also airy summer dresses and casual jackets are allowed.

Clothes for bridesmaids and grooms

When they enter the church, bridesmaids and maids accompany the bride and groom, this old custom now enjoys great popularity again. The number of accompanying persons can vary greatly, depending on the personal desires and preferences of the couple. As a rule, close relatives and friends are appointed to bridesmaids and marriages, who undertake various tasks before, during and after the wedding celebrations. To ensure that this part of the wedding company at the altar in the church and on the wedding photos can create a harmonious overall picture, the wardrobe of the bridesmaids and grooms is matched to the wedding parade. The maids usually wear a suit in the same design as the groom, which can be distinguished by wearing a wedding vest or a different color shirt. The clothes for the bridesmaids should choose the bride together with them, so that there is no inconsistency. Since on the wedding day everything revolves around the bride , the bridesmaid dresses should not be too conspicuous, but discreetly take the background and support the style of the wedding dress.When choosing colors, these can be matched, for example, to the shirt color of the maids.

Absolute No-Gos at the wedding wardrobe

Anyone who attracts himself extremely attracts the attention of the bride and groom to his own person, a rough faux pas at a wedding. Moreover, at a wedding celebration, only the bride should wear a white dress, unless it is explicitly required as a motto that the guests wear white. This traditional taboo rule also includes dresses in a light beige, cream, champagne, ivory and ivory, which have a wedding look. Eye-catching and floor-length Galaroons are also unsuitable for most wedding parties, as well as extremely short mini-dresses. Bright red can be very dramatic on a romantic country wedding and the little black is definitely too sexy. In general, signal colors are to be avoided, equally black is not suitable as a color of grief to these cheerful celebrations. Not only short skirts fall negatively, also deep cut-outs are too open-hearted and therefore inappropriate at elegant celebrations. The ladies should not steal the show as a wedding guest with their dress the bride, the same also applies to conspicuous headdresses and extremely high hats. Shrugging colors and patterns should also remain in the wardrobe, otherwise the dress stands out at the wedding and the guest too much, especially with the wedding photos.

To White Tie, Black Tie and festive evening wear is requested

White Tie is the formal classic among the dress codes for a wedding. This requires a tailcoat with bowls for the gentlemen, and evening and ball robes for the ladies. However, this dress code is only required at very high events, for example at an aristocratic wedding. Black Tie is a noble and elegant Dresscode at a festive event. For the gentlemen, the tuxedo is prescribed and the ladies should appear in an elegant and possibly also floor-length evening dress, possibly also in a shorter cocktail dress. If the invitation is asked for festive evening wear, then under it a well-kept and elegant wardrobe is understood. For the gentlemen is either a tuxedo, a dark blue or dark gray suit with tie appropriate, black reminds too much of funerals. The ladies can either wear a festive dress, an elegant costume or a stylish trousers suit.

The dress codes cocktail and casual at a wedding

When the dress code is titled as a cocktail, a clear, casual and comfortable style is allowed. For the ladies are colored cocktail dresses, with a knee-length. The men wear a dark suit or a modern combination of a light trousers with a dark jacket, the tie can be omitted confidently. For a modern city wedding, it may also be a fancy look, with a traditional country wedding, the wardrobe should look romantic. At Dresscode Casual, guests can wear their well-maintained and high-quality everyday clothes, without a formal touch. For the gentlemen are the pants and poloshirt with a casual jacket, the lady wear either costume, trousers suit, jumpsuit, summer dresses or a simple dress-gown. Jeans and T-shirts are, however, too casual and not suitable for a wedding. It is always important that the dress is suitable for the wedding and also for the guest so that the wearer can feel good all the time.

Shoes, makeup and accessories for a wedding celebration

With make-up and accessories is less is more, just like for the clothes. With decent and natural you always hit the right tone. Colorful and eye-catching accessories can enhance simple dresses and match the selected motif if necessary. The rooms, the surroundings and the time of the day in which the wedding celebrations take place also play an important role. During a wedding party in the garden, high shoes are unsuitable and aggravate every step in the soft lawn. If for the celebration activities and games are planned, then comfortable shoes are decisive.

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