The look: Oxford are simple Lace leather with a closed lacing and with a straight-cut cap.  If the Oxfords have a winged front cap and a hole adornment on the toe, they are called Full Brogue. The narrow shoe comes from the elegant world of the men’s fashion and has also prevailed in the ladies’ world in recent years. The vintage hype and the preppy look were particularly impressive. Oxfords have their name from their home town. In the mid-nineteenth century, the students of the Oxford College made the lace-up shoes popular. Oxords are available in the typical brown and black, but also in many pastel shades such as rosé, cream or light blue. Two-color oxfords look particularly beautiful. 

Styling tips:If your ballerinas are too playful, you are in the right place with Oxfords. They fit especially to the preppy and vintage look, look great to short A-line skirts, waist-high waistband pleated pants and high-quality silk college blouses and shorts. Here at topbbacolleges you can get more different models of the clothings. Also to the carded boyfriend jeans and the tube make Oxfords a good figure. No-Go: Gentle masculine models do not bring style to women’s feet. Instead, choose the new interpretation of suede.

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