Life As a Mother

I never thought I could write and assume that I gave up the bed.

Who follows me knows what I thought about it and believe me, I’m still thinking the same way and I’m not happy with my attitude.

I feel somehow even ashamed. But I got to the point of exhaustion that I couldn’t take it anymore. Here at you can get what you want.

It was a choice between spending more than 2 hours complete every day trying to make your 3-year-old daughter to sleep in your own room and still wake up 5 x per night wanting to come to your, against her sleep in less than 10 minutes on your bed with you and wake up the next day.

I’m not in any way justifying this choice, because I don’t think that’s an example to anyone.

But after more than 1 month of stress at bedtime, I discovered how hard it is to convince a child of 3 years to do what you don’t want. Even more because she didn’t just cry, but screams, kicking, argues and the hardest, ran out of the room.

Had determined that it would not give up, and believe that the “technique” of outlast works every time. But this technique got me this time.

My husband and I not only do not notice any evolution in our attempts, but we note that was every day more complicated.

Something happened with the Bruna, she created a fear of sleeping alone, afraid of the dark and of noise, something I never had before. At this age children are vulnerable to any nightmare any make-believe story, any witch or Monster who watch in cartoons and movies. And create a whole fantasy in their little heads that they don’t understand.

Have sought help from a psychologist that much faith (after I tell you) that will accompany to Bruna for a while, and with that I stopped trying to use techniques from books, friends, or even trying to figure out what’s going on in her head. I realized that I didn’t want to carry that responsibility to act alone. Because this time, unlike all other routine in organizations that have always been safe and sure I’m really insecure and afraid of taking the wrong attitude and conduct.

Everything has its pros and cons. Leave my bed would be the easiest option, my first choice. It is very good to sleep with her, that I can’t deny. But in the long term? Can I ever she go back to sleep alone? As is so the intimacy of the couple already reduces to almost nothing after the children, imagine with son sleeping all night between parents? Or on the other hand make her sleep in your bed (which to me has no factor against), but in the short term requires emotional Burnout saw her crying and screaming every night? And the stress of parents going through it after 1 day of work trying to rest? Will force you into something you don’t want to also cannot be traumatic somehow???

What’s the best solution?

I swear I don’t know…. And I’m going to pass the ball to the psychologist that the end of the follow-up you can guide me.

A mother tired loses his head, almost verges on madness and loss of sanity…. And accept anything; want to sleep in the living room, then sleep! Want to sleep in the bedroom to sleep. Want to sleep in my bed, then sleep. Just for the love of God sleep in some way that is!

And the amazing thing is that last night the sleep of the Bruna 8 7 A.M. without waking up once. In my bed!

I don’t intend to keep it that way at all, and I still think that the best place for the child to sleep is in your own room.

But while I don’t get my tiredness and stress this last month, we’re walking the way der… is on her bed, on the couch, or in my bed.

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