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Passing here to show the first look of my week in New York. Yes, we got here super late on Friday and on Sunday has had a lot of wanderings.

Those who want to keep track of all close, can go trying to follow the @mourajo on Instagram and jojouasz in Snapchat. Is live coverage, with all the places where the people are wandering around.

Only on the first day I’ve had:

antique market that rolls every Sunday in DUMBO, in Brooklyn, super charming (the name actually means Down Under the MBanhattan ridge, theverpass).

tour of DUMBO, on the edge of the River, to see the beautiful view of the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge on the other.

lunch at Juliette, a delicinha suuuper French restaurant in Williamsburg. Here at Stylishtacoma.Com you can get more stylish models.

Pink sunset on the terrace at Berry Park, nice bar and lively, with a beautiful view of Manhattan.

And, as the day was kind of gray, but very stuffy (summer’s was giving me miss!), the look of fresh and comfortable.

I decided to focus on simplicity. Short short jeans was the perfect match for neckline blouse Gypsy leaving the shoulders out. The shirt, although all black, was very light fabric and largona, versatile and nothing overheated.

Short: Forever 21, blouse: Oak & Fort, sneakers: Adidas, Bag: Zara, Oliver Peoples Sunglasses:

And make bag, you know right? The best is to bet in neutral colors that go with everything. So, you going to have a lot of PB on this trip. Feet, the white sneakers that I barely bought and already consider pacas (this week’s whole post on it, wait and trust). In face, practically no make-up (odeeeeeio use holiday makeup, particularly if it’s in the heat) and my favorite dark oclão.

To finish, PB all too beautiful to live, braided. OK, a little too big to hit leg, but could fit all I needed to take: camera, jacket, everything, everything.

And who can resist that harmony between look and color color of the mural?

Well, our trip’s just getting started, so if you have bacanudas tips of NEW YORK, opens the game and let your wisdom here in the comments!

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