Haircuts for Round Face Type

The hair is part of the face, according to connoisseurs. So it is very important to pay close attention that cuts takes your hair and if this according to the shape of your face.

If you are chubby and have round face and neck short, what you least want is a hairstyle that goes against your features. Choose a style that does not hide your traits, but rather accentuate them.

The shape of your face can determine the haircut you are favouring more. A woman who has a round face should choose a haircut that makes his face thin, stylish look.

See haircuts for round face gorditas:

The traditional cuts up to the shoulders do not favor gorditas women faces round, since they emphasize the full cheeks. However, they can help to make the face look thinner, if comes with longest hair layers. This cut can be smooth or wavy.

The volume of wavy hair can balance a round face. A cut in layers helps to minimize the appearance of a round face. The best length to achieve this is up to the Chin or below this. Layers also add volume to the hair, allowing you to make a round face look thinner. Get layers on the Crown and used products to give volume to your hair.

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