Make-Up 40’s

Today we will play a characterization makeup style of the 1940s. To understand this concept, Let’s delve a little into the society of the time.

The 40 they came from the hand of the second world war, in which most of the world’s Nations were involved. There were more than one hundred million mobilized soldiers, and this, as it could not be otherwise, marked a lot the society then.

There was a major economic recession and had to re-establish new scales of values and prioritising expenditure for the subsistence of the families. Therefore, as it stands, the manufacture of cosmetic products and make-up was associate. Perfumes, disappeared from the market.

They were scarce raw materials and their quality was lower. During the war the tissues became poor. Suits sober, dark, sad and with a minimum of fabric were. Colors dark and austere. Skirts were shortened to just below the knees and have narrowed into tube or pencil type skirts. Gloves, belts, minimalist hats, head scarves and jackets with shoulder pads conferred elegance to the female clothing.

The emergence of nylon stockings was a vast improvement over the classic silk stockings, because they were much cheaper than these. Women who had begun to make up the legs to see them tanned and avoid the use of silk stockings that were very faces looked in nylon the solution to your problem.

They were many women who began to make their own clothes with old scraps (curtains, sheets, bedspreads…) and children, inheriting the clothing of older siblings.

In what regards the hair, the collected highs and tupes them caused furor, since very few women could afford to go to the hairdresser. Long hair, when they were loose, used to style hair parted to the side and slightly wavy. Used many the scarves in the head for ocltar hair unkempt and neglected.

The self-esteem of the women of the time was very affected because they lost their husbands, did not have money to feed their children and tired, ojerosas, with scruffy hair and despite the great economic crisis, in United States the impossible to resume the production of makeup, was made because they thought that if the women were beautiful and were happy the nation would remain standing to cheer and motivate soldiers when they were going to see them in their permissions.

In the mid-40 Estee Lauder creates its own brand and at the end of the 40. Nina Ricci created his first perfume.

At the end of the Decade, appeared false eyelashes and the paste and liquid eye liners, the eyeshadows in bar, the waterproff mascara and the cleansing of eyes.

The makeup of the 1940s is marked by its simplicity and sobriety. Nothing extreme colors on the face. The quality of products decreased considerably by the shortage of fats and oils, so the lip glosses were dry and scaly. Matt and dusty faces were. But it cost much powders or rods from the lips of a uniformly applied. Eyebrows went to be thicker and have a definite and fine bow. Lips, voluptuous and huge with the bow of Cupid delineated by separating the peaks of the arch (“asco” lips), is used to make red also rounded the corners. Eyes, shaded in soft tones (blue, green, ivory, Brown, land…) were framed in your upper eyelid by a delineated black finish in a slightly descending corner and melancholic. The cheekbones are blushed very subtly giving outline to the face.

This type of makeup is one of which today more continue to inspire us because it is very feminine.

Many thanks to Laura for lending as a model on the show. It was gorgeous with this characterization.

Step By Step

-We apply stick for greater coverage and correction of skin Foundation. If it is necessary to mix tones to achieve a natural but enough pale colored skin. We clarify very well to fix and seal.

-We use a shade of pastel green tone in all the mobile eyelid and draw the average external banana with a slightly more uploaded green.

-Is a point of light in the Arch of the eyebrow and the tear with a shadow very clarita.

-We delineate the top lash line with black eyeliner, creating a slightly descending corner and melancholic.

-The lower eyelid is not makeup.

-The mascara is discreetly used in the upper lashes and not put false eyelashes for this characterization.

-We delineate the mouth with a red pencil outside the natural lip line. Much we separate the peaks of the bow of Cupid and draw them perfectly round to achieve so-called “mouth of disgust”. Also the corners are rounded and cut the corners.

-Does not apply blush on the cheeks, just lightly outlined the cheekbones to give shape to the face.

My model was Sabina and in these images the result of my work of characterization I taught with it.

Many thanks Sabina, was a pleasure to share the evening with you. I learned a lot and had a great.

And here is one of the most famous kisses in history, its protagonists a soldier and a nurse. It was photographed by Alfred Eisenstaedt to Time magazine in 1945 at the end of World War II in New York.

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