Some Best Transparent Covers for Google Pixel

Not yet released in Brazil, the new Google Pixel has given what to speak. The smartphone-this time produced entirely by Google and not a partner like the Nexus line-has been teasing its Apple rivals and is already being sold in the United States. The Android Central site brought together the top 5 transparent covers for Google Pixel and we adapted the list of these covers, each one describing them.In this way, you can already plan for a possible arrival of any of these items in the Brazilian market, or if you travel to American cities like New York orLos Angeles , you can know exactly what to buy.Check it out below!

1. spark 2 pack

Instead of selling only one cover, Sparin’s transparent Pixel Packs come in pairs. The advantage of this is that it will hardly be caught off guard since if one cover presents problems, it can switch to the other and look for new covers to leave a reservation. The material of Sparin makes the cell more resistant, but its thin cover does not increase to considerably the thickness of the smartphone. The covers are protected on all four sides by air mattresses. The package sells for $ 6.

2. tauri ultra slim

As its name says, the main advantage of this case for Google Pixel is its fineness, the largest on the list. Although a thin cover is ideal not to make the phone too heavy and the cover does not get very transparent, it disrupts the protection itself. Although the Tauri protects the device well from cuts and scrapes, it loses in terms of protection against falls. Its interior is textured in a way that avoids air bubbles between the Tauri and the screen. The cover is sold for less than $ 10.

3. lk ultra

The third item in the list of transparent covers for the Google Pixel is the LK Ultra, another one that also has as main feature the fineness. Unlike the Tauri, the case of the LK has a greater protection against falls, because it is made of the same material used in Sparin. The LK Ultra was also made with non-stick material, helping to prevent accidental slipping. The front ends prevent the screen from touching the surface when you place your smartphone with the screen facing down. This cover also costs less than $ 10.

4. dgite tpu gel

The penultimate item on the list is more aimed at those who have greater security as a more important criterion than style itself. The cover has additional protection at the edges of the unit, improving the resistance to impact caused by falls. The material used in the composition of the case is more resistant, therefore offering greater protection than the previous items of this list. The DGIte material also allows for more comfort when holding the smartphone and can be purchased for $ 8.

5. pleson ultra thin

One of the most traditional brands in the market, Pleson is also launching transparent covers for Google Pixel. In addition to the protection and to be launched with an extra-thin model, the clear cover has some of the best precision cuts, making it easy to insert or remove the cover on the phone. It also has edges at the edges to prevent scratches on the screen by placing the smartphone upside down. The internal part of the case is made in dotted pattern, so that it does not have marked digital ones nor create bubbles of air. The handset is also under $ 10.

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