Necklaces: Accessory for All Tastes

Who never was almost ready to go, suddenly looked in the mirror and realized “Damn, you’re missing a necklace that neck!” Cast the first stone. The necklaces are Accessories versatile and exist in various formats, which makes them usable in almost any occasion.

Discrete Necklaces

The discrete, delicate necklaces never go out of fashion, doesn’t it?The reason is obvious: this style of attachment is easy to combine with the most diverse styles, can adapt to almost any situation and is very easy to use on a daily basis.

The chains fall well with V-necklines in U and with the shirt too. In addition to being suitable for almost all types of neckline, this kind of necklace combines with other accessories, so don’t be afraid to bet also in rings and earrings in the production. To escape the obvious, it’s worth doing a mix of chains! Mix several necklaces, each january 1 size and with a different pendant, leaves look more current.


The Athena, a character actress Giovanna Antonelli on global novelthe rule of the game, is disseminating a new fashion among the players that the adornments for neck: a Choker style collar. Well and justinho metallized, is an accessory other than what we see on the street the whole time, and gives personality and daring to the visual. Looks good with looks cool, and combines with other pieces such as rings, bracelets and Gladiators even another necklace, thinner and longer. But when wearing a Choker collar style, it’s best to leave the flashy earrings aside.

The Dot Nicácio, diva of the photo below, is one of the bloggers has also joined the fashion:

But of course the Giovanna Antonelli and Rede Globo production didn’t invent this trend alone. The designers of big brands are also betting on Choker, which came with all the parade of coconut water in the ELLE Fashion Preview 2016, for example.

Among the celebrities, the model and actress Cara Delevingne is one of the devotees of the trend, and wore a velvet Choker with pearls in the exhibition launch party! linkMademoiselle Prive, CHANEL brand according to Already among the Brazilian, the actress Juliana Paes is one of the ones who bet on metallic Choker.

That trend promises to stay during the entire season recently and when she’s gone, traditionalism back: chains, necklaces and chokers with pendants will be present to continue enchanting women in love for everything that makes them more beautiful.

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