Ideas for a Vintage Style Wedding

If you want to have an original ceremony because you don’t try to aim on vintage dresses? You will be really unique!

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That is why you like it, or because you want to take a stileinconfondibile (photo) at your wedding, vintage may actually be the solution you are looking for. Conduct an entire ceremony (laws) to a retro style can be excessive and convey a feeling of unreality not appreciable, but if we focus only on some detail the result is remarkable.

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First of all the wedding dress. You have to understand what time do you prefer: you for the years ‘ 50, and then for skirts, high waist and tight bodice, or more years ‘ 40, and then more for an ivory silk dress slipped, maybe with some lace? In the first case you will need to have a special focus on the choice of the shoes because you will be in plain sight the whole time, talking second you’ll have to endure the inconvenience of a long dress and stretto…ma you are beautiful in both the clothes according to theinternetfaqs!

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Even the veil has changed over the years, ranging from the long one and decidedly ricamatosull ‘rim’ 20, the simple veil … which do you prefer? Then you have to think about the future husband. Of course you can’t force him, but you can always suggest a small detail, such as the band, or the silk lapels or even shoes; the latter would give a nice touch to any look. The guests let them choose freely the dress, but you g

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