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During watch purchase, it is always such a thing when it comes to the “Where?”. Especially if one has to buy a “good watch” for a few hundred or even thousand euros-depending on the budget just. This watches blog I have already in the three-part series “vintage watches-where to buy?” given some tips, where to buy the best vintage and used watches .

But what is with new?

And the watches that one finds-unfortunately not at the Mall or at the little watchmaker next door and also not better buys on ebay. We are talking about upscale brands and watch models such as for example by Montblanc, Omega, Breitling, Longines & co. Usually you have to go to the local jeweler and concessionaire…

And since even the first problem-that not only I haveis: I really like the atmosphere at traditional Jewelers and flagship stores of renowned watch manufacturers not too (at least here in Hamburg). It starts with the certainly necessary, security Bouncers and ends where some seller swagger sometimes elitist.There is the occasional story I could-tell here particularly as regards flagship store. In fairness, I have to say but that I met also great and very sympathetic people from retailers. It’s always a little gambling.

And that is also the reason why I preferred-and not just for watches – buy online. Until recently it looked here pretty bad in terms of luxury watches according to vintagematters. There were no Online operators, so official retailers, brands such as Omega, Breitling & co. in the network offer… were allowed. There is although several online shops and grey dealer here and there – just without official license to sell.

But that’s changing now. And that is a good thing. It moves slightly in the watch trade and segment of luxury watches. And in the right direction.

Online jewelry store with concession-the license for sale

Some time ago came to the team of Our site with a request to me. They had found my watches blog on the net. So I looked at the page and I have to admit that Bansal has surprised me in many respects – positive: A concessionaire and traditional jewelry store with 70 years history, looking watches blog on the net and proposes a cooperation. And to do so on a fairly modern website luxury timepieces with a remarkable range of services sold (including first in-house maintenance free, voluntarily extended manufacturer’s warranty, free shortening of the strap, free return shipping, pay by PayPal, 28 days right of withdrawal, 0% financing, etc. pp.).

It is the entire (online) appearance, the service and the prices, I don’t know of the otherwise staid and generally more hostile online Watch retailers/watch industry. For this step, Bansal deserves respect. While some other jewelry stores and dealers hope that “the haunted Internet” soon ending, here a young or young-thinking team goes its way into the net. It might for some not very spectacular sound, it is however – in this slightly stiff and conservative industry.

Who is now still not impressed, you get the probably only about price. Also here can score Bansal : the online retailer allowed namely discount (i.e. rebate) on luxury watches from Breitling, Chopard, Omega, Mont Blanc-but also on watches by Longines, Baume and Mercier, Junghans, Tissot, RADO, citizen and many more. At least 5%-according to the individually created supply and clock model. Sometimes even more.

Let me rephrase that: watches, which cost up to a few thousand euros, which is neat. Depending on the model, you can on a few hundred euros savings come. Having to negotiate Please note: Without and a concessionaire-an official sales point of the above mentioned manufacturer.

And I can give only the Tip: the opportunity via the button “Request your price quote” just to catch up with the price for your desired clock uses. Because in addition to at least 5% discount offers Brogle, depending on the calibre to model even more amenities.

Online buy watches: there is nothing against grey dealers, but simply more for concessions

No question, there are countless and unofficial online traders who are conscientious and honest merchants. They sell great watches and offered them generally under list price. It doesn’t change the fact that they are not official distributors of the manufacturer but.

While I would say that you can quietly turned to grey dealers, used watches I would tend rather to an online retailer and jeweler in new luxury watches . Especially if the company itself offers good prices and a such an extensive service package. Alone, that the first maintenance a timepiece included, represents a cash advantage. Who all advantages and disadvantages in terms of grey dealers vs. concessionaire once again would like to see at a glance which finds here a clear table. And who wants to know more, find here more information about the topic.

And with regard to the service of Brogle, so I looked it up time: Here you can find the trusted shop reviews and experiences, to make yourself a picture.

And one more tip: ordered just the free Brogle catalogue-it does no harm. On the contrary. It pays 😉

And here a selection of watches of different price categories, which are available from Bansal:

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