Thule Guidepost 75l Backpack

The Guidepost 75L backpack is a Thule product, a Swedish company specializing in various equipment such as bicycles, sports racks, carriages for children, strollers, bike trailers and etc. That is, it is a brand that aims to carry everything that matters with safety, ease and lifestyle. The brand is a great reference in the US and Europe.

Recently, Thule launched its technical backpacks, divided into four lines: Capstone, Versant, Stir and Guidepost-with models from 15L to 88L-and brought a number of innovations to the world of trekking and also for lovers of outdoor travel. And this review is focused only on the Guidepost 75L backpack.

The Thule Guidepost 75L Backpack

Description Manufacturer:  Perfect for an expedition / travel up to a week, the Thule Guidepost 75L has the exclusive TransHub Suspension System. This technology consists of a pivot hinged on the girth that allows the backpack to accompany all the movements of your body, offering a perfect fit. The back of the backpack turns into a smart and functional backpack attack to take you to the summit.

Guidepost 75l – Official Brand Video

The Guidepost 75l Test

I received the Guidepost 75L at the official launch of the backpacks, an event that occurred in August 2015 according to The equipment was tested for 1 year, being tested in long crossings and exposed in different scenarios here in Brazil. The backpack  was also used for trips outdoors and in various backpackers.


Barrigueira with articulated pivot (proved very efficient during the trekking)

Height Adjustment

Width adjustment of handles

The back of the backpack turns into a true 24L attack backpack.

Compartment for centralized hydration system

Multipurpose backpack

Side pockets with 45 degree tilt.

Negative Points

No rain cover built-in

High cost

Definitive Impressions

The Thule Guidepost 75L has already come with large luggage. It is a backpack that has arrived to stay and also to dispute the attention with the marks already consolidated in the market. It is definitely a great option, ideal for anyone looking for novelty and perfect for those looking for a high performance backpack. The Guidepost 75 can be used leisurely on expeditions, trekking, crossings and backpacking trips. It is also worth mentioning that this backpack was voted by Go Outside Magazine as  the best cargo ship of 2015.

As I mentioned in the video, Guidepost 75L has many features. It is a relatively light backpack (2.8 kg), has its main “J” opening-it took me a little while to get used to it, but I found it efficient. The zippers are large and easy to handle even when the truck is full of equipment. The absence of a raincoat was the great sin committed by the brand.

Note:  Access to the main compartment is made by both the top of the backpack and the zipper at “J”. In the video of the review was not very evident.

The hinged pivot system on the wrist is the high point of the backpack. I felt like it made me loose during the trek, and yet it did its job well: it eased the load on my shoulders efficiently.Apart from this, this system increases comfort and facilitates the movement in the mountain.

The height and shoulder width settings make the backpack ideal for anyone, but anyone who does not know how to make any adjustments may find it odd or uncomfortable.Therefore, it must be configured for each user. Another point that I highlight is the transformation of the attack backpack from the head of the carriage. Enough to be impressive. I used it in many situations and there is not much to say, it fits perfectly. It’s definitely two backpacks in one.

However, Thule, formerly known as a car and bicycle accessory brand, now also guarantees high standard and excellence in backpacks, but with a value well above the market. The product has the approximate cost of R $ 2,300.00.

Where To Buy

In the High Mountain and in other stores of the segment.

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