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The somewhat different iPod…
At this point I owe our readers a review of the iriver P7 , as announced some time ago .Therefore comes in brief-but with proper spice-my small experience report to the “noble player” of iriver. I put special emphasis on the use on the Macintosh, because I know more than the fruit as the open window. First, the question arises, what is the iriver P7 at all or what would it be? The P7 is a PMP (Portable Media Player), besides the pure MP3 function, this player still provides photo and video support and many other useful details. In connection with its 16 GB flash memory and a 4.3-inch touch screen, the comparison to the iPod touch formally. But is this comparison really justified?
To get an overview, I first list the most important technical details:

16 GB flash memory

4.3 inch touch screen with a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels

USB 2.0

112 x 73.2 x 13 mm

Costs currently about 150 euros

The following items are included in the delivery :

Iriver P7

Standalone USB 2.0 cable


Instructions and software (Win) on Mini-CD (!!! Really read, so the iriver earns the first minus point!)

Form and processing
The first thing that strikes the interested user is, without doubt, the classic, beautiful form.Like a cast aluminum, it lies in front of me, the white plastic on the upper and lower edges is a little distracting. If you put an Apple logo on the back, the P7 would go through as one of the many fanboy studies from recent years. The processing is not objectionable. A nice detail is the small integrated slide to protect the USB port from dirt, as well as the cap for the micro SD slot. Less nice is the fact that in the lower part of the plastic cover gets contaminated with the time dirt which wants to be eliminated. Unfortunately, the iriver is too big to find space in the trouser pocket, maximum the shirt pocket may want to absorb it. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not provide a protective bag, which would be extremely practical in this context.

Operating concept
The operating concept differs fundamentally from the rest of the industry. All functions are located on a start screen in a magazine layout (see picture series).

By pushing the individual areas one reaches the respective function – this succeeds so far also with the finger. This is more difficult if you want to scroll through lists. This only works on the outer edge, with the finger, this requires a lot of patience and frustrates increasingly. This circumstance is probably the reason why iriver still included a staff pencil. However, this is nowhere in the player stuck, so far this is quite meaningless, here was unfortunately only half the route thought. Otherwise the design of the user interface is nice to look at, it may particularly delight with its reduced style. It is incomprehensible however why the radio is not supported RDS and movies are not provided with a preview picture.

Iriver P7 on the Mac “Get Tube” and download the movies as an MPEG-4 file. But also podcasts from iTunes processes the player. For this you have to change however the previous ending .m4v in.mp4, then the iriver recognizes these just as uncomplicated. If you need to rename your entire collection, check out my article on “Name Mangler” .

Pro&Contra in the fast run


Good finish in metal finish

Micro SD card slot (music can easily be added to the database)

Operation also possible on the Mac (albeit with small restrictions)

Many additional functions (radio, voice recorder etc.)

Very good price / performance ratio (16 GB memory with touch screen for about 150 euro)

Very good battery running performance (over 50 hours of audio, seven hours of video)


No power supply included (charging via USB), as well as no protective bag

Bad earphones

Foolish operation (scroll almost impossible)

No open system for developers like iPod touch

Can the iriver P7 compare with the iPod touch or not? One can, however, be restricted. On the paper, the P7 convinces by its favorable price (150 euros vs. 260 euros). However, the operation seems more beautiful appearance in direct comparison with the iPhone/iPod touch OS. Also the iriver is a completely closed system, there are no add-ons to the App Store.So viewed the iriver P7 is a nice PMP, but still no comparison to the iPod touch. However, if you are looking for a cheap MP3/Video player and nothing else, the P7 should be worth a look. By the way a nice gag is the “multifunctional” use of the packaging, iriver shows this on his website in full splendor (see last picture of my picture series).

PS: Although announced , I am neither of the iriver nor the Samsung Dual SIM phone a CyberBloc TV film to make. Even if both devices have their special charm, genuine “Brüller” are not. But do not worry that next video is coming.

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