We Tested the Moto 360

Smart watches or smartwatches are on the rise;The great brands of smartphones have directed in recent months their efforts to take the pulse of users, but few did so prominently as Motorola and its Moto 360.

The highlight is not for nothing:it is beautiful and round and is the closest thing to a traditional wristwatch, something to try to accept the idea that smartwatches can one day replace the accessory that has become so iconic in our society .

And if the idea is to emulate a common clock, Motorola did very well.The Moto 360 is stylish, though it is very large and slightly disproportionate compared to its wristband.From what we’ve seen, it looks more visually pleasing with a metal bracelet.But, the unit we received for testing had only the leather option.

On the wrist, it is quite flashy, which may please some and displease others.It is big, bright and certainly the fact that you constantly get tinkering with a mini LCD display on your wrist should attract prying eyes.

But this is the Digital Look, a technology site. Appearance is important, but what really interests us is whether it works well or not.And there are some very annoying problems.

Battery is the biggest defect of the Motorola watch.In our tests, it usually lasts about 24 hours without a recharge.For example:I left the newsroom at 9:00 PM on a Friday with the Moto 360 on my wrist;Slept with him, took a walk around the city, used to create reminders and do searches and only really had to recharge him on Saturday night.

It would be a good result for a smartphone, but we are talking about a wristwatch here, an accessory that normally takes years to require a battery “recharge”, this when it does not use solar energy to function indefinitely.

This is a problem virtually impossible to solve with today’s technology.When we talk about electronics, the lower the physically is an appliance, the shorter the duration of its battery, simple as that.The fact that the Moto 360 still lasts a full day running is even an interesting feat given the circumstances, but it certainly is not enough for a good experience of using for a wristwatch.And this is a problem that is not restricted to Motorola, but basically any other smartwatch also goes through this, until Apple Watch, which has not even been released.

Motorola tries to solve this limitation in an elegant way with a wireless charger, which functions as a kind of stand for the watch.It works well and you can charge the device in about an hour and a half, but there’s another question: if the battery discharges in the middle of your day when you’re away from the charger, you’ve gone bad.It will be without a wristwatch and will have to take the phone out of the pocket to see what time it is, because the Moto 360 does not accept any other method of recharging, without any entry for Micro-USB cable.

Turning now to the issue of functioning, there are not many criticisms to be made. The handset is well made, and everything it sets out to do performs very well listening to voice commands for browsing, searching or creating reminders, such as a pedometer, as a heart rate meter and even as a control that allows you to increase or decrease The volume of the songs that are playing on the phone, or jump to the next track. He is very diverse in his functions and has no way of not feeling in a James Bond movie when giving voice commands to his wristwatch.

It uses Android Wear, Google’s system for smart watches.Unlike Android for mobile phones, the company maintains tighter control over what manufacturers can and can not do with their software, which means that smartwatches are in their soul a product of Google and that they still offer a similar experience.

There is a small problem, however:seeing the hours in it may be unintuitive at times.The watch uses motion sensors to understand when the user is actually looking at the screen;The display lights up when you realize this, otherwise it remains black.The point is that it takes a very specific movement for this to work;Otherwise, you may be looking at a black screen.This is even worse when lying down because the sensors are “crazy”.

Motorola did what it could with the Moto 360:it made a handsome device, and it works well as a geek toy, and using it is a lot of fun but unfortunately the technologies for batteries are still far behind, which makes the product incapable of Replace the traditional wristwatch.

The device still runs into the very concept of smartwatch. After all, what’s a smart watch for?To date, we have not found any functionality that really justifies the need to have one of these devices.The existence of this category of products until today comes down to “laziness to take the cell phone out of pocket to check notifications or perform actions”.It is only right that there should be aType device, but it does not have laziness worth the $ 800 that costs the product in Brazil and, honestly, not even the US $ 200 charged in the United States.

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