Dripped Today Cardigans and False Eyelashes

Hello good afternoon, was for me to be posting some things late, but behold, pingaram two packs today, so I have to show you.

Well these things were made in November and arrived just today, I think it’s getting the record delay lol among all my shopping. Good and what came in those two packages were cardgans 2 and 3 boxes of false eyelashes.

Well these were the cardgans, beautiful and wonderful lol. I loved them, a penalty which does not suit me, I already knew it wouldn’t do any good because they are unique sizes, but as they were good cheap I couldn’t resist and bought 2, one of them I’m going to give away to my niece and the other will sell.

Now for the false eyelashes, I bought 3 boxes because it was below a dollar and not generated ticket’s a box, so I ordered 3 and I regret not having bought at least a 5 because it was cheap and now after it arrived, I liked them a lot, I didn’t think them scandalous how many I’ve ever seen, they are more natural.

Look at how are light and cute, the ceixas came a little wrinkled but also right? There were more than 90 days to get to my house, I wonder how many hands should not have picked up the package and tossed it back and forth right lol, but eventually arrived and I was pretty satisfied, now I just need to buy a glue to colocor them and leave divando with my false eyelashes according to whitehallmakeup hahaha.

Good people so these were the drops of fresh today for you, I will leave the link here below.
That’s right folks, tomorrow has more hope new stuff, but if I don’t get anything I’m updating the shopping.
Kisses and see you soon!

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