5 Ideas to Make You Shine in the Carnival

Are you in search of good ideas to make your own Carnival makeup? So, this post is for you! Separated 5 inspiring productions, some easy-to-copy, other makers’ super, but all beautiful. Options for those who want to dare, shine and have fun. Get to work?


The production was named “Make India Glitter Glam”. To copy, you need blue paint and glitter in the same tone. Please mark with ink and then throw the glitter on top, preferably with a brush according to INVESTTOPS. The blue mascara or false eyelashes complement each other and make the result even more interesting. Easy to do, huh?


Want to dress up like a mermaid? This is a more elaborate production, but the makeup artist Tetê Clementino shared the step-by-step. Note:

-First prepare the skin as usual–base, Concealer, powder.
–Place a FishNet pantyhose of thin plot in my head and stretch a little (this is the part you will laugh at your face anymore, haha).
-Blue Shadow Pass in the outline of the head; Eleonora spent on the forehead, temples and cheeks where usually gets the blush.
–Remove the half of the head and tchanaaam. There are Mermaid scales.
–Make the eye as you prefer. Tetê opted to put the same shade of the scales, so fast enough in the concave and the outer corner, a bit of shade darker blue on the outside corner, very translucent glitter on the inside corner and blue eyeliner.
-Paste the crystals as you prefer. Use Eyelash glue to secure them well. Tetê pasted following the line of the hair to look like a tiara.
–Nude Lipstick to finish. Eleonora used the Myth of the Mac.


How about a modern pirate? Who produced this make exclusively for M ADRI, brand t-shirts, mining was the super creative Bruno Candido. To copy, use a black eyeliner to make eyes and a red lipstick with gloss effect, on the lips. Note that the mouth is kind of “Joker”. Put red lips glitter Valley and false eyelashes to enhance the look. Finish with the hat!


Vanessa Rozan, from high school, produced some makeup especially for Pinterest. And this is one of our favorites! Glitter pink mouth was made with lip contour, lipstick and glitter and big, in two colors. The suggestion of beauty artist is to combine with a light and a lot of skin mask of Cilia (or hairpieces, right?). To not miss the glitter in revelry, get a straw for the block!


Golden shadow, eyeliner, false eyelashes and purple lipstick. The make is beautiful. But the charm of the look is the Can-Can, with wooden Toucan, flowers and fruit. The result? A cheerful, colorful and beautiful visuals!

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