Iphone Case Uses Phone Radiation to Alert about Calls

Every now and then a text or another appears on TV or on the Internet alerting the world to the dangers of using a cell phone. When you receive a call or SMS, the magnetic field around your device becomes more intense, resulting in a kind of radiation coming from the device.

These levels of radiation, however, are controlled by manufacturers and agencies such as Anatel so there is no harm to health. Even so, if you want to prevent yourself from this kind of problem, the Lune Case you saw in the video is a solution. It absorbs this radiation through the generated magnetic field and uses this energy to turn on LEDs that tell you about calls and text messages.

The cover was developed by startup Concepter and is being exhibited at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, USA. It does not have any connection to be connected to the iPhone and, as the creators say, there is no increase in battery consumption. In the future, the final model will be thinner, will have new colors and different lighting patterns. You can know more from embudoexpress.

Concepter explains that he intends to launch a project on the Kickstarter to raise funds for the mass-fabrication of the device in February but does not specify the price it should cost when it hits the shelves.

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