Ideas for Decorating the House with Vintage Mirrors

Continuing with the ideas for decorating the House with old elements, this time with vintage mirrors. We can follow the line of distinctive architecture of our House and marks it with beautiful vintage mirrors to highlight it in an original way.

The antique mirrors with frames and don’t deserve to be forgotten patinas, so why not highlight them as true works of art? The Animal Print pattern continues on high and the Sun-shaped mirror, would be your best Companion.

We started the post talking about the versatility of this type of mirror, adapt to environments more modern or more classic and let’s not forget that we use it when we want to add a retro touch to the space, or increase the effect of the pieces (of name or anonymous) of the 20th century. The mirror is a play Joker to give grace to a wall, giving personality to a room or when we need to attract attention (or deflect) for a particular corner.

A mix of antique mirrors is the perfect decorative trick to achieve the desired effect. The antique mirrors have marks of time, wear and some black spots, but it’s those details that make them unique pieces. All these decorative tricks are very good, but where do we find a fantastic selection of vintage mirrors?

All this magnificent selection of mirrors and vintage bags, we can find in online stores, antique shops, charity bazaars and fairs. I’ve bought a vintage mirror by internet, it arrived intact, with all its imperfections, is of 30 years, has a lascadinho in the corner, but it is beautiful as well.

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