Camping Tips

  1. When you go camping, always wear long-sleeved shirts. So you will always have with you to wipe your nose.

2 . Don’t waste time choosing your space inside the tent. When it           rains, it will drip right on top of you.

  1. when I go to sleep, do not close the sleeping bag, because it will feel an uncontrollable desire to get out of the tent to pee. Close only after sleep.
  2. When you are in the fire and the smoke comes in your direction, don’t bother changing position. She will follow you until you move away from the fire at a distance you can’t feel your hot pleasant.
  3. 5. In addition to the backpack with your stuff, take a small empty backpack. At the end of camp, or your things won’t fit all over again inside the backpack, or appear half a dozen shorts and socks that don’t belong to you mixed with their clothes, or will happen according to

6 . If you wear glasses, don’t come near a river for fish. The force of nature will be invincible and your glasses will be attracted to the bottom of the river.

7 . When you go to sleep, never leave your shoes outside the tent. It’s not because the boss gimmick account about the shoes stay moist. Is that, at night, in the Woods, usually appear about flying Elves who have the odd habit of collecting Boy Scout shoes and hang on the highest branches of the trees.

8 . Don’t forget to take plenty of chocolate, cookies and other goodies packages. The bosses are going to thank you when they are gorged with the contraband confiscated all other Scouts at the beginning of camp.

9 . For the hike, take the boots brand new that your mom got on the eve of camp. There is nothing better to calejar Scout’s feet.

10 . Always take four phones to camp. Two of them are to tie up with a rubber band along with the knife and flashlight. The third is to use to connect to the first two, when losing the knife and flashlight. The fourth cell phone is to call the third, as also the lose.
11 . Don’t forget to eat sweets and candy inside the tent, hidden, the few who managed to escape the supervision of the Chief. Be, at once, serving two articles of the law of Scouts:is being a friend of animals, especially of the ants will invade your tent and your sleeping bag, and you’re doing your good deedby feeding them with products of high- calorie and energetic.

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