How to Make a Nail Art in a Heart Shape


We women love to show a look nice not only with regard to clothing, the combination of colors, or the haircut, but also with regard to our nails. In fact, these are, in most part of the cases, the body part which is most exposed and therefore it is important to take care of it. A great decoration that will cause the appearance of our hands proves taken care of is definitely a beautiful nail art. This type of decoration can be made ​​to our beautician or created by us in the house, with simple tools. Below we will explain how to make a nail art in the shape of heart.


Make sure you have on hand:


Glaze transparent base;

colored glazes at will;

Eyeliner brush style;

clear nail “top-coat”.

First of all it is good to proceed with a simple manicure: we cut the nails if we think they are too long and pass the definition of the shape with the help of a file. It is good to slightly round the tip of our nails because the nail art in question requires a slightly rounded tip according to foodezine. We pass over all nails a good basis, to avoid staining the nail bed and protect the nail from any stresses caused by the enamel. This can play a reinforcing or hardening function, it is not important, the key thing is that it is transparent. Let dry thoroughly.

Now let’s move to the drafting of the first colored enamel layer; We choose the color that we think it matches with the type of tone you’re going to use to realize the heart. However it is good that the color we’re going to roll out the base, is a shade preferably small. We spread the glaze chosen by us, taking care to cover the surface completely. Let it dry and in the meantime, take a fine-tipped brush, available anywhere specialized sales. Intingiamolo in the enamel that we have chosen to create the heart of fantasy. To avoid staining the nail, let’s practice acquiring manual skills and fluency, painting of hearts on a piece of paper.

Now we can move on to the decoration on our nails. Take the brush, intingiamolo with caution in the enamel, and we go to draw the heart so that the tip of our heart corresponds to the part of our round nail. Initially we paint the outline and then fill the form so that the color is uniform. Let dry to avoid that would be created on any air bubbles and then we pass a coat of enamel transparent top-coat. This type of nail polish, as well as preserve the nail art, will provide gloss to the nails.


Never forget:

Allow to dry the various layers of enamel before applying the new.

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