Where to Find Mermaid Accessories?

Hi girls! I’m loving this fashion “mermaid” (of course the Yasmin Brunet continues inspiring me in T-U-D-O!) and decided to bring to you sites that sell accessories designed for this style. I don’t know too many, but I’m going to show are worth a lot! Let’s check it out?!? Continue reading Where to Find Mermaid Accessories?

Necklaces to Show the Love for Your Profession

In most people’s life there comes a time, even as a teenager, you need to make an important decision: the following career in the professional world, the dreaded universe of “great people”. If it’s not the family that presses the young to get a job by the need of the money, is the teacher enters the classroom and speaks for hours about the SATS, the need to grate in the studies and to choose a profession that fits your profile.

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HTC Touch HD, Video and Family

The first analysis on the HTC Touch HD, are underway in particular from as far away countries such as France and Taiwan, and apparently first impressions are more positive of what could be expected, given that expectations are high and the model used for testing is a prototype not considered final version of the product.

From the French site Generation The Phone House, in the form of video we can see to the Touch HD in action, and share opinions first, which in summary, are based on praise the excellent resolution of the device and the great response from the user interface. The camera is also among the virtues of the terminal (despite not having flash), the accelerometer leave record that is very sensitive and as you can see in the video, the Touch HD has quite gotten size: Continue reading HTC Touch HD, Video and Family

Seven Pieces to Assemble Your Essential Jewelry Holder

Every woman has a favorite jewel, which can be used in various occasions. In some cases, the play becomes a kind of second skin, and we can’t even get out of the House without her! But, what parts can be regarded as indispensable in jewel, those that we “must-have”? In today’s post we present a selection with the h. Stern jewelry models. Check out:

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Know The Early Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Some symptoms can start as soon as you start the production of the hormone BHCG, even before the failure of menstruation

Expecting a baby is a magical moment in the lives of women. But it is true that, often, pregnancy gets some of them by surprise.

The first suspicion arises, usually after one or more days late on period-that in the case of regular menstrual cycles. But, it is worth noting that this, although the best known, is not the only sign of pregnancy.

When a woman gets pregnant, your body starts a series of transformations to facilitate interaction between the metabolism of mother and baby. Due to this fact, begin to emerge the pregnancy symptoms, which vary greatly from person to person. Continue reading Know The Early Symptoms Of Pregnancy

What The LED Bulb Ideal For Your Environment?

LED lamps offer many benefits and features that would be difficult—if not impossible—to offer with other lighting technologies.Among these benefits are the reduction of costs and energy, longer life and less heat generation. Another feature that allows the versatility of lighting environments and brings benefits in productivity, is related to the color temperature of the light produced by LEDs. In today’s post we will help you choose the ideal LED lamp for your environment. Do not miss! Continue reading What The LED Bulb Ideal For Your Environment?

Plus Size: Set the Look with Elegance

Specialist reveals tricks to enhance chubby women’s silhouette

Fashion plus size has been gaining more and more space in the fashion universe, allowing women chubby to enhance their styles with each new season! The trend is already prominent in collections of famous brands, and even reason for major events, such as Fashion Weekend Plus Size, recently held in São Paulo. Continue reading Plus Size: Set the Look with Elegance

Top 5 Modern Retro Footprint Clips

Between romantic, fun and danceable music, retro style is always a reference in the visual language of the modern video clips, even those that have nothing to do with the sound of the past. Next we will introduce to you 5 current retro footprint clips worth our click. Check out:

1-The Killers: A Dustland Fairytale

In this video, Brandon Flowers and your company tell the story of a love interrupted by a crime. With a lot of dresses run, old cars, bad boys James Jean style and gel-filled Tufts, the retro style takes care of this music that combines very well with the video. There isn’t something more longing than this snippet: “a fairy tale of dusty land starting/just one more Kiss mess of whole/In 61, long brown hair, and eyes fools”

2-Nenon Trees: Everybody talks

An outdoor theater, the young lady and the boyfriend, a romantic kiss and … zombies! This super fun clip of the band Neon Trees shows, very humorous, the best of 50 years in pop culture. Also, don’t fall into the sameness of a video “gooey”, the zombies will give the special touch and the suspense.

3 – Paloma Faith: Trouble with my baby

A singer who should have more recognition is Paloma Faith. It’s not just the retro style of the singer that ensures her differential, beautiful lyrics and performing compositions make videos of girl masterpieces. For example, on “Only love can hurt like this”, the scenes underwater and the choice of lead actor convey the idea of the letter. In “Trouble with my baby”, the singer recalls the spirit of “diva” the golden age of radio.

4 – Arisa: La Notte

The song is known here in Brazil for the beautiful singer version Yourself. However, the original clip from Italian singer Arisa brings an entire vintage and bucolic atmosphere of the early 20th century in Paris according to vintagesfinder. The color effect of the video, the aged image, objects and scenarios used give a special touch to Arisa bucolic feeling of stream “when the night comes and I’m alone with me…”.

5-Duffy-Warwick Avenue

The presence of Duffy is enough to ensure the retro climate in “Warwick Avenue”. The car apparently too young and the music with beat next to the soul are in addition to the interpretation of the singer. The letter complements, too, this aura of the soul present in the song: “I’m leaving you for the last time/you think you’re loving but you don’t love me/”.

We present only five clips that we like a lot and have that retro atmosphere so captivating. Do you think your favorite clip got off the list? Let his name here in the comments! Who knows we do a next story!

HTC Touch HD

HTC He presented yesterday officially its new terminal, the anticipated HTC Touch HD, all characteristics have been confirmed and we can see that we we have something more than a mobile phone, a real platform of media playback.

Obviously everything revolves on its 3.8-inch screen and 480 x 800 pixel resolution)WVGA), the key element of the terminal, other specifications are those that can be found in any high-end mobile and HTC has incorporated in its latest models. Continue reading HTC Touch HD

12 Steps to Plan Your Wedding

Plan a marriage results in a mixture of feelings. Total anxiety, joy and the need to learn to deal with many new features in a short time. And in the face of so many desires, something is fact: it is essential to the organization. Create a check list and a schedule with dates, goals and objectives, ensure that this planning period is even more enjoyable and, most importantly, without stress.

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Does Your Baby’s Toys are Educational?

Few parents know, but the games that we do with our kids help and their growth. The toys for babies are important in the lives of children, especially in the first months of life, as they are with them to learn the basic things of life. These products, which to many may not have any utility, serves to stimulate skills characteristics of each stage of child development. But for this it is important that parents take the main features and to help them prepare a text with all the tips and all brin say educational are essential for babies.

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Care After Pregnancy

Not just the baby, but you also need care after pregnancy.

After childbirth, it is common to pay special attention to the baby, however, it is essential to remember that the mother also needs a autodedicação and care after pregnancy. It is common for the physical and psychological exhaustion in this period. Sleepless nights, anxiety, fear of not being a good mother, irritability as if it were a TPM without end and a change in your daily routine. Continue reading Care After Pregnancy

Massage During Pregnancy

The massages are ancestral practice with enormous benefits for the body. Their utilities are numerous, responding to a wide range of needs of the human body.

Taking this into account, it is natural that massages during pregnancy is seen as quite advantageous. The massage helps pregnant and the baby relax, reduce your anxiety, and decrease the natural weariness of this phase of life. Continue reading Massage During Pregnancy