So Your Smartphone Tops The New Year 2017

Smartphones have become our best friends. We do not just give out huge sums for them, but also use them from morning to night. This can be quite a strain for a mobile phone, right? So your device will also go next year.

Mmobile phone is your everyday companion, as electronicsmatter says. Calling, chatting, surfing- for most people the smartphone is hard to imagine. Finally, we rely on our device. Hand on the heart: Without it, we would also often be pretty tattered. But do you also know how to load your smartphone? We have asked and will give you brandy tips from the mobile phone “Smarti” as you have especially long pleasure in it. For Smartis protection, we look at this point from providing technical details or model names.

Conspiracy Theory: All A Question From Manufacturers?

Handyflash: Hello dear smartphone. Brighter questions first: Is it true that your manufacturer consciously ensures that we have to exchange you after a few years?
Smarti: I would rather consider it a changed process of formation. More and more batteries are permanently installed so that they can not be replaced. Or certain components are selected to save developers costs. Or parts are glued in such a way that they can not be easily exchanged even during repair. But this is what all manufacturers do, not just mine.

Handyflash: That means: Your manufacturers do not want you to hold on for a long time?

Smarti: I would not say that at all. But yes, it is true that our life is limited. Few smartphones last longer than three years. The deal is already a lot.

Handyflash: Would you tell us how we can bring you smartphones well through 2017 without having to say good-bye to you? After all, we are attached to you.

Durability: With These Tips You Can Save Your Mobile Phone

Prevent Damage To The Linings And Cracks

Smarti: The first tip I would give to any smartphone owner is: Get a decent protective cover for your phone! Many smartphones have a metal frame, but for crashes, we are still very vulnerable.

Handyflash: How do I find a good cell phone cover?

Smarti : There are different useful cell phone covers. But it is best to find one that is also intended for your mobile phone. If she does not respect you, you have nothing. Invest a few more euros and get a cover that does not break at the smallest fall.

Handyflash: Which envelope do you prefer?

Smarti: If I would recommend a protective cover, I would advise to a hinged. Hardcase sleeves, which do not cover the display, do not prevent cracks in the glass when there is a disadvantage.

Handyflash: Speaking of Glass-What tips do you have for us to prevent scratches or cracks?

Smarti: Best of all, you do not drop your mobile phone. We also have feelings and would be happy if you would deal with us more carefully. Otherwise protective films are always a good thing. There are also anti-reflective, so that you see for example in the sunshine more.

Handyflash: What about Gorilla Glass displays?

Smarti: These are already more robust than other displays. But that does not mean you do not get them broken. People are often careless. Especially if you only have a shell cover and put your smartphone with your home key in the handbag… Do you know, right? So you can even get Gorilla Glass scratched. This can prevent a good cover.

Protect The Battery

Handyflash: Many batteries are not interchangeable. But how do I increase their life?

Smarti: It depends on the battery. In most current mobile phones, lithium-ion batteries are installed. Batteries can only go through a certain number of charging cycles until they give up the ghost. Full charging and discharging is particularly stressful for the battery. It is better to always keep the battery charge between 30 and 70 percent, so that the electrodes do not load so heavily.

Handyflash: What is the best charging time to save battery life?

Smarti: It is harmful for the battery when the mobile phone is hanged only once for a few minutes to the charger. The same is true when he is almost full. These short charging sessions consume charge cycles and the battery pack breaks down faster.

Handyflash: And if I always leave my mobile at the charging cable?

Smarti: Depending on the system used, the charging cable will cease to deliver energy when it is fully charged and will start again when the device falls below 100 percent. So the phone is constantly reloaded. Self-talking you do a battery with it effectively the fastest broken.

Handyflash: What about extreme temperatures?

Smarti: Batteries do not like extreme cold. In the next few weeks, it can become quite frosty. Since you should either keep your cell phone warm or rather do without it. Also high temperatures are poison for the entire electronics. Never put your mobile phone on the fully turned-up heater or leave it in the blazing sun.

Handyflash: How do I store batteries, as long as they are interchangeable, best?

Smarti: Cool, but not too cold and never fully charged. Batteries are discharged anyway if they are too long. Oh, and most importantly, before I forget: Do not buy cheap cheap from abroad! On the one hand they have little power and on the other hand other countries have completely different security standards. Always get original batteries and chargers. Or pay attention to the fact that they are suitable for your smartphone. In doubt, you can also ask the electronics specialist of your trust.The manufacturer will always recommend the original.

HandytodsÜNden: You Should Avoid This

Handyflash: Besides the things mentioned so far: What is absolutely deadly for mobile phones? Do you have a list for us?

Smarti: What first comes to mind is water. Water damage kills just about every cell phone. Many smartphones are available today with appropriate IP certification. This will prevent damage to your device during short submerged periods.

Handyflash: And if I have no waterproof mobile phone?

Smarti: Then you can take your phone from the water as quickly as possible, remove the battery and let it dry carefully. There are some tips that you can apply. But in the end, water damage is not permanently repairable. This also applies to oils and other fats that enter the housing interior.

Handyflash: Poor prospects. What else?

Smarti: Fine dust and sand are also not very good. Many mobile phones are also certified accordingly. No smartphone likes dirt or fine dust in the circuit boards. In particularly sandy areas, you are well advised to get an appropriate protective cover or leave your mobile phone at home.Apart from this, fine particles also scratch the display.

Handyflash: Then we summarize this again: Extreme cold and heat as well as falls should absolutely be avoided. Just like constant, short charging or complete battery charging from 0 to 100 percent.

Smarti: Right. And you should always keep your phone away from liquids and dust. Protective sheaths and foils ensure that you are more distracted.

Handyflash: Super! Would you like to say something else?

Smarti: I wish of course handyflash and all readers a happy new year 2017! Smarti over and out.

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