With KLIKR Control All Devices In The House Via Smartphone

The all-in-one remote is already invented, however it works not always on all devices. Now comes a new impetus in this area: all should be KLIKR use remote-controllable units in the apartment with the Smartphone – sounds pretty handy.

Infrared Controlled With The Smartphone Operating

The Smartphone has become our daily companion, regularly, new features offer through additional apps. Hardly an other item we carry so much with us and keep it even in the evening on the couch in our vicinity. So why as a remote control for TV and stereo use not the phone? The Smartphone is the command center in your own four walls-and the eternal searching finally falls away after the appropriate remote control. With KLIKR, a tiny Bluetooth device that easily attach to any infrared-controlled device that, the iPhone or Android phone assumes the role of all-in-one remote.

First Delivery Of Probable Late December

The associated app provides a convenient navigation way either with list or wiping function. Via QR-code the Smartphones quickly and easily get a your own access to the programmed devices by relatives and friends, so a new Setup is not necessary for second – and third-party phones. In addition, all installation data in the cloud are stored for the case that the Smartphone is lost. KLIKR should work even voice control, so that a spoken command is sufficient to switch the TV channel or to turn on the air conditioning. The clever little device is still in the phase of Crowdfunding, but is as good as finished developed according to its manufacturer. After a fine tuning it to end of December will be ready for the market and Kickstarter are delivered to the eager supporters of the platform. The funding target of £20,000 was blown up already, according to many technical friends are now waiting on your new gadget.

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