How to Care for Your Tent

As we know a tent is a small portable house, destined for tourist and sports excursions, since thanks to its practicality, it has been, for many years, the implement necessary for any sport of high mountain.

However it is necessary to know some aspects that allow us to maintain their care and durability, as well as the material with which they must be elaborated.

The tips for all types of shop, both igloo, Canadian or dormitory are:

  • You should not keep it wet, if you have to pick it in the morning soon, without drying it, open it as soon as you can, if you keep it in the bag several days it becomes rusty, the first thing that loses is waterproofing and ends up rotting.
  • Do not wash it with soap, it dissolves the waterproofing and shuts you down.
  • Do not place the tent under some dry tree or the branches look fragile, as they may fall on the tent.
  • After several seasons of use it is advisable to spray them to reinforce the waterproofing.
  • High mountains that are rolled should be treated like clothing. Always mount them with the zippers closed, if you do it with them open, when you tension the winds the fabrics can yield laterally.
  • Before placing the tent, clean the area perfectly, remove stones, branches and anything that may break the ground. You will also sleep much more comfortable.
  • Place the campfire at a safe distance, never do it next to the tent because the materials burn easily.
  • The material with which the stores are made is quite flammable so you should not cook, smoke, light a candle or any spark inside this one.
  • Beware of stakes and tensors, many people are quite distracted when walking and always stumble upon these. That, besides a fall, can hurt the awning or rods.
  • Ventilate the tent to avoid moisture. Take advantage of the day to open the windows or remove the awning.
  • Before storing it clean it perfectly with some rag and check that nothing is inside.
  • Once folded, remove the soil that was stuck in the awning.
  • Do not put anything on the walls. Many people put their backpack on the wall and this damages the fabric of the store.

Follow these simple tips from transporthint you will always have your tent ready for the next adventure.

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