YouTube Accelerator, to Load Videos Faster Connected to WiFi Hotspots

This arrow in green and white, formed from a square is the logo Accelerator, the new service to watch videos with load much more quickly Since the Android’s YouTube app or a web browser. The only condition is to be connected to a hotspot or WiFi point within the program selected and choose the appropriate content.

In reality the only thing YouTube Accelerator offers are a series of videos, 100,000 in the first stroke, which are cached in the access points so users can pull them directly and do not have to load them completely from the original servers. Why buffering is over where the connection is not good.

How to enjoy YouTube Accelerator

Take advantage of this service does not require further complications which are not being in the right place watching the right video. There is nothing to install if you already have the app. The first step is to be connected to a hotspot of the chosen by YouTube, which at the moment are very few because it is in testing phase. Have not announced if they will assemble own WiFi access points or joining any networks that are already deployed by all sorts of local, business, and public and private infrastructures.

Then should have the good sense to choose one of the contents which have previously entered into the system. All of them they are marked with the distinctive green and white Accelerator. Those more than 100,000 are currently “the most popular videos of the country”, and can be found by browsing or by new option of the search engine the application or the web that displays only those who are included in the series.

For the moment, YouTube Accelerartor only works in one country, Philippines. Its presentation does not say which route will follow in the future, but does offer a map with active hotspots that can be visited from time to time to check if it has expanded because this concept is easy to export to the rest of the world.

Its use will be limited, as well as the number of times that you are going to have to resort to a solution like this: waiting in an airport, traveling by bus or train, making time at the doctor, etc. But it’s just in those places where more useful is because these networks are congested with ease and thus at least those who want to put the latest chapter of Pocoyo child, listen to music or view its youtuber of fashion will not interfere with the navigation of other.

That Yes, name have failed it with much head because there is an adware which was called as well and it may seem like one of those bad tricks that exist on the network to capture clicks.


  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Google
  • Download: Google Play

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