YouBio Unveils the Price and a Bit of the Content

Yousee coming soon with YouBio and has now unveiled the price and a bit of content.

Streaming services took on the Danish market is under full preparation, already now, among other things, Netflix and ViaPlay in combat, and soon is also HBO Nordic and YouBio ready to fight over customers.

At YouBio, owned and managed by YouSee, comes, however, to be little other buns on the soup than what the previous streaming companies have, could deliver.

Yousee comes as not to follow the new market price of 79 dollars per month, but maintains its starting point at 99 dollars per month. It tells Ulf Lund, Deputy Director of YouSee to our site.

Fixed price-premium content

-“99 dollars is the figure we have always been, and we have decided to stick with. It does not matter that we are a little more expensive than the other, for we want to signal that our product is a premium product. What we offer, we can easily defend taking a tyver extra for, “says Ulf Lund.

The higher price comes YouBio-customers by providing a much larger catalog aimed at the Danish market, promises Ulf Lund and refers to YouBio easily will be the service with most Danish content.

YouBio is going to be available for the Danish consumers already in less than three weeks, namely in week 48, and will have one month’s free trial.

The service will be possible to use whatever TV, internet or telecommunications provider to apply today.


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