Sony KD-65X9005A in the test

Although he is a few months on the market, Sony’s KD-65X9005A ultra-HD TV has a few surprises ready. And there is even a unique position, as shown in the test at the 4K-Bildqualität.

A few months ago, we have undergone an intensive test the Ultra-HD TV Sony KD-65X9005A . At that time, the unit was the first proper 4K-Fernseher for only 7,000 euros and had a few small bugs. But, first, he took the standard for ultra HD (ITU-R. 2020) seriously and wanted to deliver allowed not only more sharpness, but also significantly richer colors than with HDTV or SDTV.

At the IFA , then came the message that the HDMI inputs even via firmware upgrade can allow the 50 and 60 full frames that are expected in a few years of Ultra-HD broadcasts . This would mean that a coup would succeed again similar to 3 Sony like on the PlayStation, which for years made with increasing bandwidth of the HDMI interface and learned even 3D.

Time due to our new laboratory tests, there was a Firmware Updatethat improves the performance and fixed some bugs of the first test. The big update is to be 4K@60Hz but until end of 2013.

Sony KD-65X9005A: color space

It is amazing that the Sony remains the only TV in the test box, which respects the massively expanded color space the next standard for ultra-HD television. video already reported several times that the most saturated colors of the normal HD world focus still on the color capabilities of the picture tube, the 4K-Standard allows but almost limitless colourful images.

While the currently allowed primary colors red, green and blue look comparatively quite sallow, the new color space is based on pure individual frequencies. The color triangle, they produce covers a significantly larger range of visible colors. And so ultra HD will be recorded and played back. It can make a bigger gain in image quality , as only the image sharpness, which now involve all as a central argument for 4 K. And Sony is prepared as sole candidate in this test.

Sony KD-65X9005A: Triluminos led

This is the Japanese through the use of Triluminos LEDs for the backlight. So far, white LEDs are used, actually blue rays, but stimulate a yellow layer of phosphor to light up. Sony’s new LEDs also narrow-band blue, Nano-quantum dots are apposed them however, produce the clean red and green tones. And if the output spectrum is already so pure primary colors, the filter on the individual LCD pixels must be not so precise.

Ultra HD – the new generation of television

On that, the TV manufacturer has indeed no effect, only the Panel supplier. In any case, the exact laboratory measurements of our 25,000 euro expensive spectrometer Konica Minolta CS 2000, prove that the maximum gamut of Sony aims exactly in the direction of the 4KSpezifikationen. That Sony can finally properly put that with a firmware update and will, we hope. Thus, the Sony would future-proof as the here tested 4K-TVs which can accept higher frame rates, but will not maximize the colourfulness of their panels.

As mentioned in the first test conducted by, another crucial point has managed Sony Excellence is the upscaling on ultra HD. The image processor 4 K X-reality Pro analyzed parts of the image and assigns them various variants of image enhancement. It is intelligent ENT rushes, unblocked, aggravated, to shines, ironed smooth and with intermediate images are smooth movements. It is however with more artifacts accompanied by LG and Philips.

Sony KD-65X9005A: media playback

Media playback , the Sony but lags behind the brand new models from LG and Panasonic. Its integrated media player can play not only high resolution photos , but play already 4K-Filme, LG even in the trend-setting codec HEVC. In contrast, photos on the Sony through the dark contrast disc have an extraordinary brilliance. Who this is even semi professional and take photos of in the large Adobe color space does not get around almost this TV. Not seen yet so brilliant, true-color slideshows from digital media.

Download: 4K-Testbilder

In addition, the KD-65X9005A is a very smart TV that offers almost everything you could wish for. The dual tuner missing in Sony’s concept is still the bitterest pill that the buyer have to swallow, but do without gestures and speech input . You must purchase the camera for Skype as an accessory.

Sony KD-65X9005A: App and NFC

Fun is the SideView app for tablets, which offers a clear program guide. The Sony Entertainment Network offers specialties such as their own libraries and extensive info about films and TV programs.

The small additional remote control communicates bidirectionally via Bluetooth with the TV and connect a suitable mobile (tested with Sony Xperia Z) after the NFC Wi-Fi detection screen mirroring. Sony combines sharpest appearance with very good appearance in the KD 65X9005A.

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