Guide to Buying Men’s Hoodie

Why ten hoodies? Because I just spent the evening to list a lot and that we must make a selection at a time. (edit: in the end there’s nothing 10 too bad but, I put this title to kind I’m organized – Editor’s NOTE: now if )

You will see that a hoodie is not necessarily a simple hooded sweatshirt used as pajamas.

The basic reliable less than 100 euros

Let’s start with the budget (less than 100 euros): I have to push the door open and include American Apparel and its hoodies made in the suburbs of THE, guaranteed sweatshops free (oupah…).

They are of good quality, well cut and spend just about anywhere, as long as you not to take them in neon yellow. The gray charcoal and Navy Blue are values safe.

If we continue in the basic of less than 100 euros, you go on the side of American Vintage. The very classic but it goes upmarket with more worked materials and great mark of the claw, very subtle pastel colors. To make a little searched overlays it is perfect, especially combined with the tees of the same brand.

Not too expensive originals

Now, looking in originality, we can find a hoodie cardigan: it’s a cardigan that has everything just a detachable hood. Very convenient to subtly vary her outfits. Pretty boilerplate colors also. It’s especially a good hoodie with a zipper button that changes some of the zipped.

I also spotted some other original hoodies in the same price range. You’re going to have to look on ebay.

I love the colors on this one work: the lanniere and inside a little flashys contrast well with the rather sober tone of these hoodies. I find that these details make the difference and we prémâchent a little work of colours->

A collar open and amount which gives a very noted streetwear to all. We see this look is worn with a low very very worked (said pants drop crotch + rising sneakers) but that it balances very well held.

The same with a high collar, to wear in mid season without anything on top as it seems pretty consistent (avoid the big bag so). Perfect here also for the streetwear.

An All Saints to close all. In a not too busy outfit with jacket on top it goes very well. The “All Saints Vintage” category is full d “also good business, remember to have a look.

The basic high-end

With more budget and for chopper big quality, we can go to Lanvin, Dior and Gucci… Monoprix.

You can find (to that of Reims anyway, and probably elsewhere as Reims is not really the temple of the hype) a very nice clear gray hoodie in cashmere, well cut and yet indestructible and inboulochable (I wear it almost every day for a month).

All for 120 euros.

Like what, the famous test that placed at the top of the cashmere hoodies Monoprix was probably not lying:

In the same genre, a less amazing brand, the Acne hoodie->

Designer hoodies

After the basics of good quality, you can look for info in the somewhat popular hoodies: considered with caution because the cuts are already much more sought after:

Draped effect and low-cut neck. Fairly typical of Unconditionnal, to wear with for example a superposition of two t-shirts v-neck (for example a grey and a white below)->

A hoodie with zipper Brandenburg Wing + Horns, a romantic style, more subtle and more work, to wear it as a jacket.

In a more classical style, always at Wing + Horns, very very fits

Here, so we held our promise with this selection of hoodies man, to help you see more clearly… and an end to big hoodies academics moletonnes.

Good shopping,

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