WEEK Maternity (V): Adaptations/Tuenos Clothing

Today, the day is dedicated to the tune or adaptations of clothes that we have in the cupboard to take advantage of them during pregnancy.
Today the collaborations are in charge of…

that no longer require presentations because you know them more than leftovers, lol
We started by pants. Those pants that would prolong life a little more, that you are very comfortable but dig you a little in the belly… Since there is more than one choice for suit pants for pregnant women.
I show that I have done you some Texans that I do not know if they will be me well after calving.

There are a few somewhat elastic jeans. Shot is fairly low, so you don’t bother too leaving them under the belly.

Initially the idea was to remove the waist who have and replace it with a rubber band, but as this type of tune, there are several network (and then you enlazaré to a fantastic tutorial if you decide to do it this way), I decided to do otherwise. Flor Roja stem green taught me once a picture of jeans that her mother had him fit for pregnancy and stayed in my subconscious in latent mode, lol. I don’t remember if it was exactly the same, but the idea was this, replace pockets with elastic fabric to make them adjustable width.

Threergroup explains how to deal with it as below:
We cut the waist pockets tailored, but leaving a piece more than waist, then make the fold.

  • We descosemos Pocket
  • We bend towards the inside each end of the waist and pespunteamos for providing us the back seam of the elastic fabric. They are sewn separately from front of the part of back, because the elastic fabric must be then in the middle.
  • cut a piece of elastic cloth width so that it covers the hole and double high; in this case it is a fabric of corrugated point, like the soil used for cuffs, waist and neck. Also the seam allowances, cut a piece of rubber band of the measurement of the waist cut, more clear.
  • We fold the fabric in half and insert the rubber band inside at the top.
  • mark the shape of the hollow, but leaving a margin to be able to sew then to the pants. We sew the edges to attach the two part of the fabric.
  • We put one side of the tela+goma between the waist that we have left before quilted. We sew to secure.
  • We carry out the same operation for the other end of the hole.
  • We put the rest of the fabric so that it covers the hole left by the Pocket and fix it with pins. We sew around the perimeter.
  • Just repeat the process for the other pocket.
  • They are now customizable trousers in width on the other hand pockets.

You can use them during pregnancy.

If what you want is to add a band to the pants because you prefer to have the covered belly, Twinstoutside has a great tutorial from How to convert traditional jeans into maternity jeans. For the band make a firm but elastic fabric shirt.

And if you do not have any such shirt or it is too wide to follow this simple process, you can get a rubber band as that explained in the tutorial of the knickerbockers. Just once you will have to attach to the pants that you want to adjust in the same manner as joins the pants of the tutorial.

We went to the skirts. Yolande of Pandielleando has been launched to adapt a denim skirt, always giving touch as yours. If you want to know how he did so, you only have to go to its entry .

And finally we have the tune of tunics. Linibau of mopping explains how to make a tunic or top from a men’s shirt. You can not miss you, in its entry .

On the net you can find more tutorials to fit clothes. Sunday 29th, in the Guide maternity clothes, will include tutorials network I know and may be interesting to you.

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