Koss Pro DJ Headphones for Djs

Born in 1953, the American firm Koss is specialized in the manufacture of helmets, first to professionals, then very soon to the general public.

Some of his models came in the legend of the stereo, including the famous Porta Pro, exceptional longevity (the first model came out in 1985). Also attributed to the creation of the first helmet authentically Koss Hifi, SP3, in 1958. Within the bloated current range of the manufacturer, we are interested today in the PRO DJ 200.

If his name seems to indicate that he aims at a professional public, PRO DJ 200 is also addressed to the user looking for a good portable headset. Delivered in a rigid carrying case, Koss is also accompanied by a cable in a spiral of 2.4 m, a Jack adapter and a classic cable of 1.20 m with remote control and microphone for call pickup. For once, this cable seems sturdy and made to last. The integrated remote volume management. A design that we will call “gross stripping”, the Koss will not seek a price of beauty but offers a decent finish. Two features distinguish this helmet, the presence of arare-button stereo/mono-which allows to listen with one ear without losing half of the sound message, useful especially for the DJ, and large earpieces that rotate around their axis 180°, which allows listening to 2. The PRO DJ 200 is a closed type headphones and supra-Aural, closed clamping and the – major – Atria well padded and comfortable during a long listen. The design combines the spun metal and plastic. The fastening system may seem a bit fragile, but let’s trust the reputation of strength of Koss headphones.

PRO DJ 200 is a helmet to high precise and that rises higher, though less varied than among the leaders of this type. The bandwidth is rather broad and very regular, according to computerannals.com. On the “Dub Fire” of Aswad, all musical details are there, with a serious fat and fast. Koss’s headphones easy going, comfortable with all types of music, as this is confirmed on the “Moin Grog” of the Group of Salsa Africando, with dry impacts, the voice of the singer to the realistic rendering, an accompaniment to the bass that don’t drown the rest of the spectrum.

Koss is rather dynamic, explosive nothing to that for a DJ headphones. The insulation is excellent, one does not hear outside noise and we disturb no more neighbours. It is also at home on the “Shall We Dance” of Stacey Kent, with good placement of musicians, a double bass which keeps its lightness without being erased, and the voice of Miss Kent which preserves its unique banter. On the “The Man I Love” of Marcus Roberts, the refinement does not reach the level of a Philips Fidelio M1 but it is not so far. Koss is sometimes a bit too demonstrative to be completely neutral, but he gives undeniable listening pleasure.

A helmet friendly as this Koss PRO DJ 200, very versatile as well regarding the target audience that the genre of music listened to. No doubt many DJs please as to the general public who will see a nomad solution to price studied, well madeaffordable te. Koss will definitely always be Koss.

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